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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 9:13 pm

Speaking of men in the crowd who looks restless, Colt Daniels is in attendance. His surprisingly long-term girlfriend, Tenacity, is the maid of honor. A vision! Absolute vision in blue. And she looks sober. Surprise, surprise! We do hear that she did spend a couple days recently in the hospital. We wonder if it was for 'exhaustion' **winkwinknudgenudge**.

Noooow they're married! The elven priest just announced it! How fantastic! This ceremony was almost as good as the one I officiated over (hopefully, the marriage will have more success than that one).

Haha!  Mesteno yelled for them to kiss and Eze didn't waste any time getting to it!

Not that I thought he might. After all, he is marrying a very pregnant woman. How deliciously scandalous of him!

Hm. Now we're being surrounded by blue-robed Elven acolytes handing out wine. Well, when the Elven acolytes show up you just KNOW it's time to get partying!

We'll see you tomorrow at the END OF SUMMER BEACH BASH! For now it's time to get our grooooove on!

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 8:54 pm

Adorable Rekah is present but without her hubby. We've heard news about some martial woes but considering the less than reliable source it's coming from we're not sure if it's at all believable. She's been surprisingly quiet but cute as a button as allllways!

It seems yours truly has a date! Or at least this interesting woman took my arm as I came in. We believe her name is Pharlen but know noooothing about her. She even kissed my cute little noggin! Instant favorite! Somebody Tweeter me details if you know any!

Aw! How adorb! Is that Bjorn holding hands with Ivanya??? Wasn't there some questions about his relationship status recently? Well, asked and answered! You know where to come for your gossip, don't you??? Bjorn also seems to be a bit on the restless and sweaty side. Iiiiinteresting! Some men juuuust can't take weddings!

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 7:27 pm

Guess where I am??? Gem and Eze's wedding! AND I WAS INVITED!

See, not everyone in this town hates me, Princess Bimbo Duci!

The bride looks fan-freaking-tastic! Totally glowing! After all, she looks to be about eight months pregnant! No wonder she's been lying low. The dress is gorgeous. Empire waist (since, you know, there's an awful lot of Gem to go around at the moment) with white lace over white silk and an adorable white lace bolero jacket over top. Gooorgeous. Not that we'd expect less.

Also looking surprisingly fashionable, Riley is in the crowd in a nude and cream pencil dress! She's been making some good fashion decisions over the last couple days. Maybe she's finally realized that she's a grown up and thrown out all her cargo shorts. One can only hope.

More to come! Hugs and kisses!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monte Carlo Night - 12:03 am

Our sources just saw Katt leaving in a sexy white number. We hear that she had Lachlan as her date and that he was looking downright dapper. However, our sources say that while he was quite attentive, there didn't seem to be a whole lot of chemistry between him and Katt. We believe that they may have gone as friends as opposed to something more... juicy. But isn't that just Katt's luck? That girl is always shoved off into the 'friends' category. Poor thing.

Speaking of hot women who always get put in the 'just friends' category, Rena was just spotted headed up to the roof to watch the fireworks display with the lovely Shy. And while the view from the roof must be amazing, one need not go to the trouble! The view out the giant windows is pretty breath-taking! What a way to cap off the night!

Monte Carlo Night - 11:40 pm

One of the questions we get asked frequently is whether or not Eregor has gotten sick of his goodie two shoes girlfriend, Rhiannon. The answer is an unfortunate no. In fact, they've been quite inseparable from what our sources have seen. There's been dancing and laughing and kisses. Soooorry, ladies! If it makes you feel any better her dress is so shiny he could probably see his face in it.

The Overlord's present and she's not looking quite as big of a wreck as she usually does. The tank top with the pirate skull is a little juvenile but the black motorcycle pants are pretty hot. She was present to call her shift and now is busy getting her duel on. Yeah, it goes without saying that she's not doing a whole lot of socializing.

While there was no repeat Duci/Riley showdown, we have spotted Riley and her good friend, Mataya, shed their heels and were going at it in one of the boxing rings.... wearing evening dresses. No worries, fashionistas! No high fashion gowns will be harmed tonight! Riley's sporting a pink nerf sword and Mataya's got a neon green nerf bat. Not exactly the classiest thing we've ever seen but it wasn't the hair pulling, dress ripping scene we were hoping for from Duci and Riley. No worries, though, still two more events this weekend!

Monte Carlo Night - 11:12 pm

Well, it's no surprise! The Dirty Birds are out in full force. Cove in his band of merry bed hoppers are out and about. Cove and Mist are looking pretty dashing even if they can't keep their hands off of one another or the pair of women they're with -- Thorn and Dylan -- for more than five seconds. Dylan's red dress in particular is surprisingly classy. But we're sure that they'll do or say something that will remind us all that they don't exactly do classy.

One of the biggest questions of the night was whether or not Duci would show up to frenemy Riley's party. Loooks like the answer is a yes! Our sources did spot Duci wearing a stunningly HAWT (as much as we haaate to admit it) sleeveless red dress BUT they never saw her near Riley. As for Riley, she's got a sexy little purple number on herself as she manages the evening's festivities. Awfully age appropriate if you ask us. Riley is creeping in there towards mid-thirties, you know. Got to wonder if she's starting to hear that biological clock tick-tick-ticking.

Speeeeaking of which, surprisingly enough, a lot of the gossip we're hearing so far is about Vicki Granger! The newest in-law in the Granger clan is typically not one who raises a lot of eyebrows. In fact, it's easy to say that she gets overlooked a lot next to her famous husband, Jon. But tonight there's definitely a lot of eyes on her! And it's not just because of the stunning one-shoulder white silk chiffon column gown she's wearing. It's also because she's looking a little swollen around the midsection. Could she just have put on some newlywed weight or was there a need for their sudden elopement? Iiiiinteresting development!

Monte Carlo Night - 10:40 pm

We may be late, late, late but that doesn't mean our sources weren't going to wiggle their way in! We're here and we're ready to dish! After all, 100% of the House's takes goes to our very own Gossip GangSTAR Children's Foundation!!! Lose money! Make kids happy!

So far it looks like an amazing event. It's full of RhyDin's hooottest faces, some hot tunes, lots of booze, and some of dueling's brightest stars!

Where are you and why aren't you here???