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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need To Know To Stay In The Know

....And here is this week's run down! Remember: if there's something missing, it's YOUR fault for not sending it in. Do you civic duty and keep the juicy gossip coming in!

10. We now know where at least one of the Grangers has disappeared to! Robyn Granger it seems has been busy practicing for the new production of Jekyll and Hyde in which she plays Lucy. Want to see a bunch of RhyDin's finest including a toooon of Grangers? The play is opening Saturday night and we here that quite a lot of them are talking of going to support her!

9. Honestly, we really wish we didn't have to talk about this because that's how much it creeps us out. We talked it over at length here and decided that it was our duty to report the gossip... even if it sickens us. It seems that Ali and Kendall are now an item. Yep. Isn't that a telltale sign of a midlife crisis? Leave your wife and start shacking up with one of your daughter's friends who has got to be about half your age? That's it. We've lived up to our readers' expectation to keep them in the know. We will never speak of this again. It's just.... sad.

8. The cutest bartender in all the land, Amber, was overheard Tuesday night telling some patrons that she hasn't seen her new groom since the wedding reception! No lie! All their friends were so happy for them when Angus and Amber tied the knot but it seems that happiness didn't even make it home. Angus disappeared before the marriage was even consummated. Aw! We hear that Amber's pretty sad about the whole thing.

7.  Rumor has it that our current governor, Fio, and the infamous journalist, Fenner, were seen leaving a restaurant called Moreau's laaate Tuesday night together. If you've never been there think crazy prices, a discreet waitstaff, cigars, and bourbon. The perfect place for a clandestine affair... or a clandestine political meeting. Were not sure what is more likely -- Fio sleeping with that dirty bird or Fio getting into bed with him politically. Either one leaves us a little grossed out. We sure hope she washed with bleach afterward.

6. Speaking of the governorship, Fio's walk into reelection might not be as simple as some would think! Our sources caught Audrey and her wife, Magenta, discussing Audrey's upcoming campaign to become GOVERNOR OF RHYDIN! Ha! Love it! She certainly has that sort of flair that RhyDinians look for! The topic of conversation, though, when they were seen in the Inn wasn't about taxes, tariffs, or traffic... but of fashion, of course!!! We hear the pair of women spent quite some time discussing a First Lady uniform for Magenta and whether or not the City Hall employees should be required to wear costumes. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, ladies! We doubt it'll be a walk in the park to get elected! It never is in this city!

5. Amthy went all parental unit on some guy named David in the Inn Monday night! It was AWWWWESOME! It seems this David guy is dating Chryrie's teenage daughter, Trae, and those that adore Trae are a little worried about the new relationship. David is evidently quuuuite a bit older and divorced! We hear that Amthy quizzed him at length about his marriage, his hobbies, whether or not he's ever killed anyone, etc., etc. He seemed to pass Amthy's inspection but we've got a feeling that Chryrie is NOT going to be happy that her daughter is dating a much older man!

4. Wow. It seems Alain's been into trouble again. But who is surprised about that, right? Earlier in the week there was a BOLO (It's a Watch acronym for Be On the Look Out) issued for someone using his form and then there was a report that the imposter attacked his wife, Sofia, on the streets in WestEnd and killed a Watch officer before fleeing the scenes. Now the Watch is looking for Alain and asking the public for their help in finding him for "his own protection". Iiiiiinteresting!

3. It's baaaaack! Harris has returned from his ice fishing (wtf???) and the Ringside Rewind is back in action. People are so excited about this that we had several nominations for it to be one of Tx4YNTKTSITK and I already had it on the list! Nobody escapes the mockery cut so if you haven't seen this week's edition check it out. It's always good for a laugh! Or five! And we hear that some of the local gambling houses are taking odds again as to who will be the first to attempt to kill Harris for the column and whether the attempt will consist of a knifing, a strangulation, or some sort of blunt force trauma. Get your bets in before it's too late!

2. Speaking of things being baaaaack, it seems that there is another Crew hostile takeover about to take place in the Inn. This Crew Rebellion seems to be spurred on for the usual reasoning -- they're bored. And, as usual, this one seems to be spurred on by their head mouth piece and the eldest sibling, Maria. No word on exactly who all we'll see back in the rings but Ria and Myria have already been spotted and Kheldar really never went anywhere. Supposedly it's going to be a combination of old blood and new blood. The Arena could certainly use a good kick start of drama but the Crew has always had a pretty short attention span.... so we'll see!

1. We've always wondered what Harper ever saw in Jochin. I mean, really. He's loud, rough around the edges, and a little too.... caveman for an intelligent, professional woman like Harper. Well, it all came to a head Sunday night! We hear that Jochin was seen in the Inn drunk out of his mind! There were Rockette like kicks and a lot of bad singing. Harper showed up shortly after and tried to talk him down. We hear that the word 'rehab' was even thrown around a couple times. In the end, Jochin refused to go and SHE KICKED HIM OUT of their house. It seems like this is the end of Harper and Jochin. And despite the mismatch, we're a little sad about it!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need to Know to Stay in the Know!

10. We're getting word that Kai is not dying anymore. We have to admit that we didn't know she was dying in the first place but if there are those of you with better sources than us and did know, rest assured, she is now better! She was overheard telling Thorn that there are now some differences to her. For one, her hair seems to be growing in a platinum blonde color. She's also been seeing hanging with some sort of odd little furball. It looks like someone took a fox, a cat, and a squirrel and mashed them all together. Iiinteresting!

9. An all ranks tournament was held this past Wednesday in Duel of Magic to find a new Keeper for the Tower of Fire! Some crazy little blue-skinned girl named Jesse was just on F-I-R-E! Oh, come off it. You know you love our puns. Jesse started off with a perfect 5-0 shutout in five rounds and then slammed through the rest of the competition not losing A SINGLE MATCH! Amazing. Congratulations, Jesse!

8. Saturday, May 19th, will mark the grand opening of the RhyDin Roller Haus! RhyDin's very own roller skating rink! The theme will be a disco party and will start at 9 PM. There will be door prizes, discounted drinks, and free food. We hear that out very own Cheyenne Daniels is working there and helping out with promotions..... and where there's one Daniels, you can usually count on a handful more!

7.  Anubis challenged Candy for the right to hold FireStar and the pair met up to duke it out in the Outback this past Tuesday! We hear that it was a pretty nasty match-up. Not that it's all that surprising considering the reputation Anubis has with women. However, we hear that there was a not so nice remark made by Jay about letting the pair of them kill each other, noting "Problem solved." We're not exactly sure what problem he's referring to, though. Strong words there! Buuuut the man did NOT reign supreme in this match. Candy took both duels in the best of three with scores of 5-2 and 5-4. And, thus, defended her title!

6. Governor Fio was seen heading into the Inn looking awfully chummy with RhyDin's shadiest journalist, Darien Fenner. With the doors closed on the RhyDin Post, one has to wonder what the pair of them have to be so chatty about. Our sources tell us that Alain was in the Inn at the time and did NOT look pleased. It seems like there are a lot of people who want Fio in their pocket and aren't very happy to see her getting chummy with the opposition. Rumor has it that there is a long-standing bit of tension between Fenner and DeMuer as neither trusts the other. We're left wondering. Are the men manipulating the governor or is she manipulating them???

5. I got to personally lay my eyes on this one! Caroline Granger is pregnant! There was no way to keep that baby bump on the d-l when she walked into the GAC meeting Monday night! She was looking adorable in a bright blue cowl neck top and black pants and when asked said she was due in October! Fan-freaking-tastic! The baby's father's name is Richmond (we hear they're engaged to marry -- he sure as hell better make an honest woman out of her!!!) and he is a DEAD RINGER for Edward Batten. In fact, if Ed and Richmond hadn't met (and complimented one another on how good looking the other was) we'd be POSITIVE that Caroline Granger got knocked up by Edward Batten. Now THAT would be some gossip. Edward is waaaay into the techie stuff. Maybe he's trying to spread his DNA into the Granger clan by cloning himself and then letting the clone loose on Carolina Granger. Talk about hostile takeover!

4. 101.1 WHAM and Reilly Recording paired up for a speed dating event. A couple of people seemed to find interested parties and we were introduced to a couple good looking RhyDin citizens! DJ Yas kept the party moving and is quickly becoming one of RhyDin's HOTTEST DJs. Her stock is definitely on the rise! There was a cute reunion between Jack and her air fleet beau, Hunter. There were hugs, kisses, and tears before the pair skirted off for some alooooone time! Kingsley grabbed the attention of Katan but we're still not entirely sure that Minoko doesn't have a thing for Katan. She certainly seems to like to push his buttons! We're interested to see where this Reilly Recording is going to head! We hope for good things to come!

3. G'nort is back on the market, ladies.... or is he??? Numerous sources (we're highly ticked he didn't give us the exclusive) are reporting that G'nort has filed for a divorce from his often absent wife, Kaja. This would be G'nort's THIRD failed marriage! Wowzers! Rumor has it that he's claiming that he is done with the whole marriage thing but that doesn't mean he's swearing off women. Considered one of RhyDin's premier playboys, he's already been seen hanging out in the company of a lovely beauty named Mercedes. Knowing G'nort, there will be plenty more where she came from. He can't be too terribly serious considering last week he had his dating profile submitted to WHAM's dating event! We here at the Den of Gossip are glad that G'nort's single again. Life in RhyDin is always a bit juicier when that man's on the prowl!

2. The May Government Advisory Council took place this past Monday with Governor Fio running the meeting. Yours Truly was present, of course, as one of the councilors. What sort of city do you live in that my opinion is one that people believes speaks for the people and should be consulted in regards to matters of state? Hahahaha! Oh, come on. I know you were all thinking the same thing! ANYWAY! There was some nonsense about a private volunteer naval guard failing to come together and the small business relief fund giving out some loan. Blahblahblah. Oh! But there was also talk of paaaaarties and you know that's what we love here in the Den of Gossip. Supposedly, the premier of 21Twelve's newest flick will be June 9th! We hear that after the meeting Fio and Ed had their heads together and he was seen slipping her some sort of device. Yet another rich and powerful man with the ear of the governor! Andu announced he was having a PJ party. Uh... is it just us or is this cute when Rekah suggests it and sort of sketchy when suggested by Andu. Yeah, we didn't think it was just us. Finally, we hear that after the meeting Tass was overheard saying that he was going to try to get Larook Helston to run for governor! No lie! This is the same Larook Helston who has his own line of sex toys! If he won, it would certainly be an interesting number of people with a Helston background to have held that spot!

1. The Gubernatorial election schedule has been announced! Rumor has it that Fio will be running for reelection and we hear that many of her council have already voiced that they will support her reelection campaign. We have to wonder if the same can be said for former governor and current councilor Matthew Simon??? Will Matt be trying to take back the mantle? Will Cor throw his hat into the ring... again? Will Kitty decide to have another go at it? Maybe Alain's political aspirations will finally put him on the opposite side of the ring from his good friend, Fio. This campaign is gearing up to have quite a bit of drama. We'll find out by May 27th as everyone must throw their hat into the ring by that date!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Being Marc Franco - Thursday the 17th

When we brought the blog back we promised new and EXCITING ways of delivering you gossip! So far, we've failed to deliver. :(

Buuuut we're implementing our first BRAND SPANKING NEW edition -- The Top Ten Things You Need To Know To Stay In The Know! Or Tx4YNTKTSITK. That's not difficult to remember, right???

This is going to be a weekly assignment to you OUR LOYAL READERS (and the Den of Gossip's collection of interns) to provide the facts that you think your fellow denizens NEED to know that happened in the previous week or that they can't miss in the coming week. It could be governmental in nature, it could be the juciest of gossip, it could be about a great bash! Submit them to us and we will publish the best every Friday!

Get cracking! You only have 24 hours!

((Please PM submissions to me, e-mail them to me at the address in my profile, or IM them to me at AIM SN: RhyDin Gossip!))

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

101.1 WHAM's Speed Dating Event!

How is this not a regular event in RhyDin already? Maybe because it's like the Inn on any given Saturday night? We LOVE it, though! What better is there for the gossip industry but to throw a bunch of singles into a room and let them go at one another! Must! Become! A! Monthly! Event! ....And guess who got their hands on the dating profiles??? HAHAHAHA!

Reilly Recording which had sponsored the event made sure the Great Hall was completely transformed into one hell of a dance club! Overnight it became the hottest place in town! There was a large dance floor with DJ Zazzy Yas in the booth but also plenty of booths, tables, and quiet nooks to get your romantic freak on!

The lovely Kingsley caught the attention of a guy very quickly! Not that we are surprised. His name is Katan and we, unfortunately, couldn't get our hands on his dating profile. Our sources say that he looked quite young, but was overheard saying he's twenty-seven! No, no, no. Kingsley is still not out of her teens and seems to attract the attention of men much too old for her! Case in point? This Katan guy talked her into drinking and she ended up stumbling her way out to get pizza with him. It's a match but... eh. I don't know about you all but we're hoping to hell that it doesn't stick.

Interestingly enough, although Katan seemed to be into Kingsley, one of our interns pointed out that on Kingsley's friend, Minoko's profile, there were some veeeeery flattering comments about Katan! We hear that they're "just friends" but if Minoko wants to get guys while talking up her friend... well, that's not how to go about it, dearie! She was seen watching Katan and Kingsley QUITE a bit but did get in a dance with... well, in his profile he calls himself an "anthropomorphic wolf". No idea. His name, though, is Haru and he did seem interested in Minoko. We're just not sure how interested she is in him.

Iona was around but didn't stay too long. Too bad. She is such a cutie and has been entirely unlucky in love lately! She always keeps her head up!

Another interesting woman spotted who our sources didn't see much of? Karen Reilly, the CEO of Reilly Recording! She is veeeery lovely albeit a bit on the serious looking side. We hear that she's quite married to her job and seeing Reilly Recording succeed so it might explain why she didn't have a lot of time to hang with the interesting men who showed up to the party her company was sponsering.

There was a cute chick named Jack working on the sound system for Yas who practically burst into tears upon spotting a certain man. We hear his name is Hunter and, considering his dress uniform, we're guessing he's in one air fleet or another. They CERTAINLY seem to have a history and there was no doubt that this was some sort of reunion. There were kisses and whispering and eventually the pair left together. Hand in hand. Too cute!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beltane Masquerade Ball - 1:08 am

The interns and I absolutely looove how Yeardley skirts the line between sexy and trashy so well. She always comes just within the realm of sexy but pushes it juuuust enough that we all know she's too naughty for most to handle! She's wearing a slinky purple number with a thigh high slit! Seriously! We were about to ask where Kalamere was buuuuut our sources are telling us he just showed up. Gooooood thinking.

Speaking of good thinking, Magenta showed up to get in a little quality time with the wifey. Who can blame her? Audrey's looking hoooot!

Wow, wow, wow. Who knew Thorn could clean up? It seems she's taking being on the Beltane court awfully seriously as well because she is looking STUNNING! We're not sure what's more fantastic -- her purple single sleeve column dress or the beautiful braid her hair was pulled back into. She definitely was a more subdued version of herself as she tried to be on her best behavior.

What??? Kalamere is an idiot! We hear that Yeardley left to head to his place but he's sticking around to hang out with.... JOEY??? OMG! Joey is T-R-O-U-B-L-E! We're still not sure what sort of game Kalamere is playing with those two women but we're pretty sure one of them is going to hurt him. Bad.

Beltane Masquerade Ball - 12:07 am

Well, looks like Colt and Ten are still together. Rumor has it that the relationship that started this past winter has been progressing along and that they met each others' families.... or, I guess, the part of the Daniels family that isn't in RhyDin. We're just shocked that there are still Daniels left wherever it is that they're from. Anyway, Tenacity looked hot. She always does but her dress miiiight just be the dress of the night. It's intricate with a formfitting upper half and the bottom flows perfectly. Just the right sort of dress for the night!

They were seen briefly chatting with one of Colt's cousins, Dylan. We refer to her around the office as the Pin-Up Daniels. Definitely different from the other girls with this very sexy vibe. She was seen with Drake who at one time had his sights set on another Daniels -- Summer. However, we hear that Summer just wasn't all that interested and he's been seen spending a lot of time with Dylan lately. Could he have switched Daniels girls??? Our sources are telling us that they're dancing at the moment!

Does Kate do anything that isn't over the top? We hear her dress is huuuuge! Gorgeous but totally over the top and totally Kate! She does look lovely and, of course, she's on the arm of Lucky! We still find this one oddball married couple. Opposites attract, right? Well, it's good to see them still together. We actually hope this marriage makes it through the long haul!

Beltane Masquerade Ball - 11:31 pm

So evidently Apple and Raye are dating. Yeah. There's something just not right about that, is there? Now don't get us wrong. Both are insanely hot. But isn't Raye hot more in the "I could beat the crap out of you at any given moment" way and Apple more hot in the "I have elite video game skillz" sort of way? Our sources believe they've spotted them.... because as if our sources didn't have a hard enough time of their jobs the crazy organizers of this party made it a masquerade!!!! Come on, people! That makes it twice as hard to get good gossip! Anyway, they've both been spotted but aren't together. We'll see how 'close' they look. We're still not sure this isn't a passing sort of fling between two close girlfriends.

Also confirmed to be in the crowd is Quinn and her fiance Daigh. He's always a fashionable presence but she can, at times, make some questionable decisions. Maybe he'll be a Locke-like influence in her life. After all, she's looking mighty fine in a very un-Quinn like red sleeveless dress. Why is it un-Quinn-like? Well, it's classy for one. We hear The Judes album is being released on June 12. This type of event really isn't her thing. We're wondering if this was arranged for publicity.... and here we are giving it to her! We hear that Raye was awfully glad to see Daigh. We've always sort of questioned that relationship if you want to know the truth. Don't they seem a little too.... friendly???

Our sources keep telling us that Sinjin is there.... dressed as a princess with a bustle so large that its taking out party goers. We think they MUST be mistaken. Or maybe we're hoping they're mistaken. If it is Sin, somebody better be taking photos. Seriously.

OMG! We hear Jasper and Rekah are there! It's shocking it took our sources so long to catch sight of them but the A-freaking-DORABLE couple are on site. They totally would be voted RhyDin's favorite couple if we were doing some sort of awards show. Very, very cute. And their outfits are just as cute as they are. Very fairy tale, happily ever after! And isn't that what we all want for them???

Beltane Masquerade Ball - 10:54 pm

OMG! Beltane Masquerade Ball! Aren't you just so excited??? Screw the nonsense! Let's get right down to the juicy details!

We've got no idea what's up with Summer these days. She's been limping around with a bad leg but bad leg or not she was on the Beltane court and didn't miss the event! And, wow, did she show up! Our sources say she was sporting an insanely sexy glitzy gold number with eyelets down the side showing off more than a little skin. No word yet the name of the man that was escorting her. They didn't stick around long but that dress certainly made an impression!

Somebody needs to get Audrey to make a fitness video! You know one of those "How to get your body back after having a baby" because girl looks HAWT! Pale pink floor length gown. Sky high heels. Mama's looking fiiiine tonight. I guess she left her wife at home to look after the baby. Can you imagine the cuteness of that one?

We'd heard that Correy had moved on after his nasty break-up and tonight seemed to be proof of that! He was looking awfully dapper with a new man named Kenny. They were joking around and seemed to be having a great time. Word has it that they're both nursing students and are taking things nice and slow. We sure hope so! Correy was far too young to be getting engaged. As for his former groom-to-be, Jon has found himself in another zero-to-sixty relationship as he's already engaged to marry someone else! The lovely Victoria. Now we loooove Vicki and she was looking awfully hot in a killer red dress. We just think she can do better than an actor who shuffles through relationships and doesn't have the best of reputations. We'll see how things go! We must admit that our sources are saying that Jon is being awfully attentive tonight! And there doesn't seem to be any awkwardness between the distant cousins/former lovers.