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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rekah's Birthday Party - 11:02 pm

Two words for you. Sinjin Fai. That fabulous party just got a big helping of crazy! Fabulous crazy but crazy nevertheless! We hear that he's currently keeping his eyes on Harper's hips as she dances and shakes her way through her DJing duties.

Funny how now that Lirssa has showed, Ali has stemmed his womanizing and is talking with the cute but pregnant Audrey! At least he has the decency to keep his activities away from his young children. BLAH! As much as we HATE him right now, the interns and I are more than a little jealous of his pink robe. We'd consider sneaking into his room at the Inn and stealing it but we fear that he hasn't been wearing anything under it!

Rekah's getting presents from Eregor and Rhiannon who are at the event together... or not together. He claims they're just friends, 'good friends'. We think if he's not making a move then he's an idiot. What about you??? Do you buy that these two are just 'good friends'???

This is our last update for the evening, folks! Things are grinding to a close for the night here at Gossip Central but we'll make sure to give a recap tomorrow on any additional gossip that comes in over night on the party! Keep dancing, kids!

Rekah's Birthday Party - 10:46 pm

Lesson for the men of RhyDin. You never let your girlfriend go to a 'no pants' party unattended. Why? Iona just showed up in a French maid costume. Yep. And if you're not there, you're missing out on that sight as is her boyfriend who is no where to be seen.

I'm hearing from my sources now that I left too early! Isn't that the story of my life! Evidently Kazzy popped out of a cupcake in a glittery number and a shower of confetti and sparkles. It's not a party in RhyDin until someone pops out of a cake!

Joey didn't remain on her own long after we left. Teagan showed up but the conversation is a little... lacking. It seems that Teagan just cares about the food and complaining that nobody is telling her that she's hot and Joey can't keep her eyes off of Kalamere who just showed up. Unfortunately for her, Kalamere can't keep his eyes off Yeardley's legs in that skirt she's wearing. You know what? We're actually starting to think that he might have the hots for her more than she has the hots for him.

Aw! Lucky showed up IN A KILT! And he was seen presenting Rekah with a gift. She was thrilled that he showed, of course. It's so not his type of event and his new wife wasn't there so it wasn't like he was forced to go. That man is such a sucker for the women in his life!

Rekah's Birthday Party - 10:31 pm

Rekah is STILL bounding from guest to guest! It's so busy she barely has time to greet one before two more come in. Just proof positive of how beloved that young lady is. We sure hope her new boyfriend is reading this and appreciating just how lucky he's got it. Because that girl is ADORABLE!

Ali is there. Booo. Ugh! And to make matters worse, he's ogling Amthy's gorgeous cleavage. Can he not have the decency to at least wait a couple months before blatantly hitting on every woman in RhyDin??? Have some respect! Your wife's the governor of this town! But don't let it deter you from heading to the Great Hall to wish Rekah a happy happy happy birthday. Ali's the only reason not to go. I encourage everyone to BOOO him when you see him, though!

Kerry might be short but that woman ALWAYS knows how to make a fashion statement. She's wearing a vintage peacock blue dress and her hair is pulled back with a peacock feather adorning it. The man she's had her eye on, Connall, is also present in a green plaid kilt. The two of them are totally hot together. Our sources are definitely keeping an eye on what happens here!

Alyson is in a slinky black dress and up to NO GOOD! We hear that she was evidently trying to get a peek up Cooper's bath towel. Ravie put a stop to that real fast saying that nobody was going to get to see what Cooper was working with beneath that bath towel before she did. SERIOUSLY??? Have these two still not sealed the deal??? They are inseparable. What in the world could they possibly be waiting for??? You better do the deed, Cooper, because there's no way that you're going to live up to what she's built up in her head after all this time.

Rekah's Birthday Party - 10:04 pm

You just knew that Rekah's birthday party would bring out some faces you hadn't seen in a long while. The first it seems is Joey! In a mini dress (of course), Joey just strutted her way in! More surprisingly, she was there by herself! She never is without a date. And, of course, I had to show up to take the opportunity to escort her. Lovely!

She had questions about a certain HAWT duelist -- Kalamere -- and his new lady -- Yeardley.  I have a feeling that Joey might still have some feelings of her own for her former... well, we wouldn't call him her former 'boyfriend', maybe 'friend with benefits' might be more accurate?

Oh! And now I get to see Amthy's dress for myself! It's adorable! Purple with a flouncy skirt with poodles embroidered onto it. She's rummaging around in her cleavage.... and, oh, pulling out a gift. Iiiiinteresting. Really, who wouldn't want to stick their hand down there???

Rekah's Birthday Party - 9:33 pm

Rekah is too friggin' cute! The birthday girl is in a purple sparkly dress and a pink tiara. She seems to be having a great time already! She's bouncing around and greeting her guests. We hear that her boyfriend couldn't make it tonight. What a bummer. He did have a small party for her in the Outback the night before last, though. 

Hahaha! We die! If you're not at Rekah's birthday party, WHY THE HELL NOT??? Cooper is! And he's wearing a bath towel wrapped around his waist and cowboy boots. LOVE IT! Someone please for the love of God get us pictures! Ravie's there to keep an eye on him to make sure the ladies don't get too close. But, nevertheless, it's evidently a sight worth seeing!

If Cooper in a bath towel isn't enough for you, Harper and Yeardley are in school girl outfits! Sign us up for that school, baby! Harper's in the DJ booth spinning some great tunes and Yeardley's making sure Rekah's having a great time. Those two ladies are looking HAWT and neither of their men are anywhere in sight!

Gem! You read that right, folks! Gem is in the building. She just showed up in a hot form-fitting purple satin number. We hear that she's still a bit bruised up but is looking fabulous! So glad that she showed up! Also in attendance is the adorably pregnant Audrey in such a cute dress highlighting that perfect baby bump. Love her!

Rekah's Birthday Party - 8:29 pm

OMG! The Great Hall is Totes Amazeballs! We snuck one of our minions in to get a peek at the decor for Rekah's birthday tonight and, in case you had ANY doubt, it's going to be FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! It's full of pink and big globe lanterns! We got our grubby hands on the music play list and party-goers are going to be rocking all night long!

The food looks delicious! There's these adorable little penguin appetizers made out of olives, cream cheese, and carrots that are almost too cute to eat. Lots of gummy bears! And tons of fruity drinks! Oh, and cake batter martinis with sprinkles! The cake, by the way, is too cute for words!

Just remember, this is a no pants event!

I'm hoping to stop in! Can you say 'smoking jacket'? Yep, you read that right! And nothing else! It should be a can't miss event!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stewed Comments

Saturday night was Stew Day! Only in RhyDin would there be a holiday to make sacrifices to a meal that you're afraid might include you as an ingredient if you don't. The Stew was in rare form, gurgling and bubbling and splattering in various directions. We only hope that it was appeased for another year. 

We here at the Den of Gossip don't understand the fascination with Sergei. He seems a little... I don't know... dorky to us. But you readers can't seem to get enough of him. We are constantly deluged with fan mail asking what he is up to and if he's dating anyone new since the loss of his girlfriend. From what we see, the teenager is still on the market. But hold onto your panties, ladies! Saturday night he was seen sporting a brand new tattoo. He was seen showing off some falcons with interlocking talons surrounding some sort of flower inked onto his arm to the lovely Robyn. I know some of you will get a thrill out of that! Everybody likes a dash of bad in their favorite good guy!

That good guy also played hero for Cuyler who got her fingers stuck in some bottles. Yeah, got her fingers stuck in some bottles. Insanity. We sure hope there was a whole lot of alcohol involved in that problem and not a whole lot of stupid but we have a feeling it was a heavy dose of both. She then proceeded to get Sergei very VERY drunk.

Also, often on our female readers minds is if Ravie is still laying claim to Cooper. The answer is an affirmative! For two people who said they were going to take things slowly, they seem pretty inseparable. If the chemistry that was raging between them Saturday night when she was sitting in his lap is any sign, they are going anything but slow. Hot and heavy is the way we would describe it. They were seen hanging out with their friends Thorn and Cianan. We don't know much about either of them. He's a drow and she's a total hottie but we hear she's a bit of a bad ass. Details, details! You know we want them so if you've got them on either of them, send those details our way!

Our sources reported back to us that Paige was seen groping herself and overheard telling Mesteno that she was going to stalk him and ogle him in the shower. WTF! Needless to say, he was seen leading her out a short time later. Ha! We hear that Vera was overheard saying that she didn't think that even drunk she could be that bold. Oooooh! Please someone get Vera drunk so the theory can be tested. Now THAT is something we'd love to blog about!

Issy and Dean evidently got into it briefly when he almost clipped her with a door and she called him a "kid". We're almost sorry that it didn't come to blows because THAT would be an interesting battle. Who would your money be on? It's awfully hard NOT to bet on Issy, isn't it???

The lovely Anya made a trip in public after her much discussed kidnapping. Our sources say that she was looking a little rough but was the same, sweet Anya and came bearing some yummy treats! Love to see that she's standing strong in spite of everything! There was another loooovely blonde watching her EVERY move. She wasn't about letting Anya out of her sights. We don't know much about her other than her name is Zava and that she's HAWT! Just based on looks alone there's been a suggestion that they're related but we have no confirmation of that.

 Wowzer! Just when we thought the Jake and Iona thing was off, he showed up in the Inn Saturday night while she was chatting with a friend. The conversation was too low to catch any words of but she was seen leaving quickly after only a brief chat with Jake and he gave chase. We're dying to know if these two are back on and why he stayed away from Iona for weeks!

Details are beginning to emerge on THE wedding of the year -- Eless and that guy!!! We still don't have a date yet but Eless sure as heck better make sure we get to break the exclusive as soon as one is decided upon! As for a bridal party, the only news we have so far is that Lirssa will be serving as a flower girl. She's sure to be quite the lovely flower girl! It's also been reported that there will be Bachelorette/Bachelor parties on the same night and they already sound totally delic! Eless was overheard telling Kate that they hoped to be able to sneak one of the Den of Gossip's minions in to take notes of the men's outlandish behavior. Oh, you better believe we'll be trying to sneak sources into BOTH parties. Eless has refused to give into advice to elope. THANK GOODNESS! If she took away the. event. of. the. year. from us we would have to kidnap her in the middle of fashion week or something! We neeeed this wedding!

Speaking of weddings, NOBODY TOLD US THAT KATE AND LUCKY ELOPED! Heck, we didn't even know the two of them were together. Doesn't that strike you as, I don't know, an odd pairing or something??? Not that Lucky isn't used to women who are constantly up to mischief and mayhem. That does seem to be what he's attracted to. Kate said that they eloped to avoid the stress of a public wedding and there's no details of even a party to celebrate the event. If Lucky has any say in the matter, we're sure he'd like to keep it that way. He's not the public celebration sort. Total bummer! Weddings make the people happy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of Dragon Skin Boots and Other Matters

Really, you've got to have balls of steel to not only date Rekah but to start meeting her friends. Like Taneth, she's the little sister that EVERYBODY looks out for. Her new guy -- a fae named Jasper -- has been making the rounds and meeting her friends. And he seems like a really, really nice guy! In fact, we're starting to get a little thrilled for her!

Rekah introduced Jasper to Ali and Fio as they were hanging out with their adorable son who was busy playing with spacemen until he passed out in his dad's lap. Ali and Fio make us so freaking sad! How did this happen? Our sources said that it was even depressing to watch. They both got along well and both seemed painfully depressed. After Fio and the toddler left, Ali (who we believe is currently living at the Inn) went about throwing back drinks. These two were so darn perfect together and those two kids need BOTH of their parents. We're glad that they seem to be getting along enough that they can spend time with their kids together but why couldn't they make it work??? This is one of those break-ups that make us want to cry.

Talk of Rekah's birthday party is heating up. It sounds like it'll be A FREAKING BLAST! It's being held on Leap Day -- Wednesday and the party starts at 8. The theme is NO PANTS! Love it! We will definitely be trying to sneak in some sources. Maybe even some live updating from the event. In fact, I am desperate to make an appearance. I HAVE to drop off my present in person!

Ali and Fio weren't the only gauntlet that Jasper had to face. He evidently got interrogated by Yeardley as well. Better be careful of the landscaper! She's sure built like she could take someone out with her shovel. Jasper is definitely an odd bird. We didn't quite hear the details but he's evidently got some sort of connection to Caedia which usually means trouble. It seems that it's hard for him to leave the Outback and that in doing so, he may put Rekah in danger. It seems his primary focus is keeping Rekah safe. Adorb!

Jasper got a much easier time of it from Taneth. Then again when does Taneth not love someone??? We hear that he showed her his wings and she was instantly hooked on the bright, pretty colors. 

Robyn and Colt seemed awfully chummy. We hear that the Granger and the Daniels have been seen quite a lot together recently. We told you that Colt and Tenacity had 'short term' written all over them! Don't let the cute blushes and girl next door looks fool you, though, Robyn doesn't seem to be the one man kind of girl either. We hear that she's been seen with a number of men! Kissing, discussing dates, hand holding. This girl must have quite the rolodex!

And another sad mention, Iona was overheard saying that she hadn't seen Jake in weeks. We really had high hopes for them. He really seemed into her and we're sure she could have used the support over the last couple of weeks given how close she is with Anya. Iona didn't seem to have much to say on the subject of Jake. We hope she's not heartbroken.

Icer and Aurthur were seen dancing in the Inn late into the night. Rumor has it that she's going to have ANOTHER batch of baby dragons. Good Lord! Isn't there dragon menopause? If she doesn't approach it soon she will single handedly cause dragons to be the racial majority in RhyDin! We're all for some sort of open dragon hunting season. What? You would turn down a pair of dragon skin boots? I think not!

Who was that cute short-haired teenage girl that was seen with Audrey the other night? Audrey does surround herself with some beautiful women but our sources couldn't name this one and the description doesn't ring any bells with us either. If you saw the two of them and know who she is, drop us a line here at the Den of Gossip and tell us EVERYTHING you know about her!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Disco Ball - 12:44 am

The party's just starting to die down! There's still several couples dancing like crazy but for the most part, they're heading off for chaste kisses at the door before calling it a night.... hahahaha! Riiiiiight.

Vera showed up in a lovely black gown suuuuper late! We have to wonder what kept her from the party. She's certainly not the type to miss a great party. She came for the dance on Faerran's arm. Hotness! Even more hot? The pair of ladies were seen chatting up Iros. All three of them just oooooze sex. We hear that Vera's being questioned about some guy she's been spending time with. Naughty, naughty, naughty, Vera!

Rhiannon's date is quite the looker! We'd never heard of him before tonight but evidently his name is Eregor and they definitely seemed pretty into one another. Our sources aren't sure how hot and heavy this one is, though. There was kisses and hip bumping but no grinding and no stolen moments in the dark corners. Very PG-13. Although, Rhiannon is sort of a PG-13 sort of girl.

Connall and Kerry are headed back towards the dance floor. These two have been inseparable all night. There's definitely chemistry there but we doubt it'll bloom overnight. These two seem like they're going to need some time. They'll get nice and comfortable with one another before someone makes the first move. It'll happen, though! They're awfully cute together!

We are EXHAUSTED and we weren't even there. Sounds like a fun night was had by all. Our sources are beginning to filter out and we here at the Den of Gossip are calling it a night!

Valentine's Disco Ball - 11:49 pm

Ali showed. In cargo pants? And he thinks he's at Rekah's birthday party? WTF? I have to admit that I blame him for the break-up of his marriage. Fio and Ali? It was so perfect. UGH! But, actually, he's so out of it that we feel a bit bad for him. Has he totally become a social misfit without his wife at his side? Worse yet, is he hitting on Rekah? That's, like, breaking up with your wife so you can date your stepdaughter. Yuck!

Would someone please stop Jochin from dancing? He is going to put someone's eye out with all that hip thrusting. That is all.

Locke is dancing to 'It's Raining Men'. That's one sentence I never thought I'd write. Well.... Hallelujah!

We hear that Yeardley, Tenacity, and Harper are cutting a rug out on the dance floor. HOTNESS! Yeardley's even trying to con Kalamere out onto the dance floor. Now THAT would be a feat. But if anyone can do it, we think she can. He actually seems pretty taken with her!

The Ergin brothers are really scoring big! Bashir has stayed tight on Robyn since his eyes landed on her and we hear that Tumay scored himself a couple dances with Anya! Both of those guys have heavy doses of the dark and mysterious thing going on. We think the ladies are pretty smitten. Yay! We're so glad that two lovely ladies found dates.... even if the dates are of the dangerous playboy variety.

Valentine's Disco Ball - 11:16 pm

Rekah is too cute for words in a metallic purple dress with peacock feathers embroidered in. What's not too cute for words? Her calling crazy Dawn 'mother'. WTF??? Hasn't someone stopped these two from hanging out yet??? It's really troubling. Is there ANYONE you'd less expect to show up for a Valentine's dance than Dawn? MAKE HER GO AWAY!

Aw! We're so glad that Jake seems to be sticking it out with Iona despite the pressure that's been put on this budding romance. The pair looks quite taken with one another out on the dance floor. They aren't even switching partners as party rules dictate on certain songs. Iona is NOT letting her hands off her man! Good for her! It's nice to see a girl know what she wants and not be afraid to reach out and GRAB IT! In fact, they didn't stay very long. Wonder where they're headed???

OMG! That's Bashir asking Robyn to dance! An Ergin and a Granger??? We love it! What a SUPER HAWT pair! We knew the insane back of that dress would make the men droooool.

What would a romantic event be without the super cute Audrey and Magenta making out at it! The happily married and totally hot ladies are out dancing and being merry! We doubt they'll make it long either. Magenta was overheard talking about finding a comfy back seat of a car out in the parking lot. Wouldn't you like to be a fly in the back window of THAT car???

Valentine's Disco Ball - 10:37 pm

Clumsy Gabi or just better at flirting than we gave her credit for? Not sure. But we hear that she took a spill into the arms of Ennis. Nice. She's working fast. And he's one hot guy so we can't blame her. He was right there to catch her before she hit the floor!

Good Lord, ladies! Leave the dueling at the door for the night! Rhiannon and Gwen, the Baroness of Seaside, were overheard talking dueling. It seems Rhiannon is excited that the Baron of Battlefield Park is interested in her as his squire. She's looking pretty classy in a slinky red number but we have to say that Gwen's the one that shocked us! She's always been a little bit naughty but that dress is A LOT naughty! HOTNESS! Even though she's dancing with Rhiannon, she came with David. We bet he's thanking his lucky stars right about now!

Kalamere in a suit! Heaven on RhyDin! We're just so shocked to see him at a dance serving as a legitimate date. He's usually eying every other hot woman up while making suggestive comments. Then again we hear that Yeardley's little off-the-shoulder red dress is a TRAFFIC STOPPER! He's been letting his eyes wander ALL OVER Yeardley's body!

Kerry and Ten came together but we don't think they'll be leaving together! Colt came in late and he can't seem to take his eyes off Ten's legs. Girl is working some hot pants! LOVE IT! And Kerry's slinky and sexy in a stunning little black and pink number. But even though Colt's taking Ten out to the dance floor we don't think Kerry will be alone long. The Inn's newest tender, Connall, just showed up. They've been making eyes at each other for a couple weeks. NO BETTER TIME, MAN! MAKE YOUR MOVE!

Valentine's Disco Ball - 10:02 pm

The FABULOUSNESS is kiiiiilling us! Let's just dig right in!

Harper looks ABSOLUTELY edible in a swanky blue number. She is suuuuure showing a LOT of leg. We hear that she was overheard telling Jochin that if she's wearing panties on the way home then he played his cards wrong! LOVE IT! Keep it classy, Harper! We didn't think we would say this but maybe Jochin is good for her. Lord knows that Harper needs a little sexual tension in her life! Seems like Jochin's at least good for that! At least, according to our sources, there sure looks like sexual tension out there on the dance floor.

OMG! Vicki is ADORB! She's sporting legit go-go get-up. Complete with a pair of hot white boots! We hear that her man, the famous?/infamous? actor, Jonathan Granger has accompanied her in a white suit. So glad he's there. Debauchery usually follows him pretty closely. At the moment, though, he seems to be on his best behavior as he attends to his lovely redhead and his cousin, Robyn. Maybe that Robyn has a little more sassy in her sweet than we initially thought! Her blue silk dress has the lace flowers that you'd expect from her but a plunging back that is completely unexpected! Iiiiinteresting!

Speaking of Grangers, our sources tell us that there's an interesting man talking to Gabi! We hear that Ennis is his name! Ooooh, and we're being told that he juuuuust led her out onto the dance floor. Girl is looking HAWT in a one-shoulder black number. Can't say we blame him for giving her a bit of attention. Who is this girl and what did she do with Gabi??? We asked our source TEN times if he was sure it was Gabi but he is adamant that Gabi is dancing with some hot guy that she just met AND HIS HAND IS ON HER HIP! Well... go get it, Gabi!

Katarina and Locke are their usual cuteness, of course! We love how their outfits compliment each other so often! I guess that's what happen when your hubby is one of RhyDin's best known fashion designers. We're hearing rumors that she might already be pregnant. That would put a serious cramp in her ballerina style. What do you think? Watch to see if you see any alcohol being imbibed by the pretty dancer tonight!

Valentine's Disco Ball

 You had to know that we here at the Den of Gossip would have the EXCLUSIVE on the preparations for the 2012 Valentine's Disco Ball to celebrate the end of RhyDin Fashion Week! We have sources reporting back to us that the Great Hall looks like a Valentine's Candyland. It's INSANE!

The chefs are hard at working putting together a buffet that sounds like it'll be to die for and along with a full bar is an extensive martini menu. And, OMG, it's a sweet tooth's dream! There is candy everywhere, including adorable candy sushi. We hear that one of the more interesting items are candy conversation hearts that deliver psychic sayings depending on who picks them up. Evidently, they're not always what you think they'll be! FABULOUS!

The venue is still being put together and last minute chaos is on hand but we hear that it's coming together to be a glittering psychedelic night club complete with pulsating bright lights, a killer DJ, and plenty of dark corners for naughty moments.

There will be LIVE blogging as long as our sources don't get tossed out on their ears and the live blogging reports will be compiled and published tomorrow for those non-tech savvy folks. Available for free at your local Radical Ray's Coffee Stand! Start the day with great taste!

Get your FREAK on tonight! We here at the Den of Gossip will be hard at work!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Relationship Run-Down!

Sometimes even we here at the Den of Gossip can't keep up with RhyDin's notorious bed-hopping. We've been putting together this little cheat sheet on some new (and old) relationships and so, in the build-up to Valentine's Day, we thought we'd share it with you! Enjoy!

Kalamere and Yeardley :
Yeardley is evidently intent on destroying our theory that Kalamere had a Baroness fetish. He certainly was linked to his fair share of ring-wearing, butt-kicking women. That's not to say that Yeardley looks like a push over. She definitely has the spunk we expect from a woman that catches Kalamere's eye. While the choice is interesting, it's the level of interest that Kalamere has shown that surprises us the most. We know him best for taking one woman to a party but making it clear that he's open to taking other women home from that party. Lately, he doesn't seem to have eyes for any woman but Yeardley! We are shocked but it seems like one of RhyDin's most... well, gregarious playboys might just be off the market!

Locke and Katarina:
Just how long has RhyDin's Prima Ballerina been on the arm of the men's fashion designer, Locke? Well, longer than he's been one of RhyDin's favorite fashion designers! The first time they broke the society pages as a couple was September of 2008 when they stepped out to the Harvest Festival Ball together after each had just gotten out of pretty serious (but entirely wrong for them) relationships. Now almost three and a half years later the pair are finally wed! We were really hoping for a nice big wedding to attend but it seems the pair ran off and eloped just a couple weeks ago. Such a bummer! But considering her crazy family, it's probably understandable. We're thrilled for the happy couple!

Calix and Jackie:
What would RhyDin be without it's week long relationships that end with a drunken wedding? We'll blame it on Jackie's youth that she got caught up in the insanity so early on into her stay in RhyDin and we'll blame her hotness on the fact that Calix married a girl he hardly knew. Thankfully, while Calix seems anxious for babies, Jackie has put the halt on expanding the little family unit. Might be nice if they took some time to get to know each other after all. We doubt she holds out long. Married within a week, pregnant within six, and divorced within thirty. And a prop bet if the over/under on pregnancy and divorce doesn't interest you, we're putting the odds of a drunken fight leading to her punching him in the middle of the Inn by the end of the month at 3 to 1.

Colt and Tenacity:
Jackie's brother, Colt, has evidently sniffing up Tenacity's tree. We always hoped Tenacity would end up with a good, straight-laced guy. After all, she's just the sort of naughty that a straight-laced guy needs in his life. Unfortunately, that guy is NOT Colt Daniels. He's just as naughty -- if not more naughty -- than her! We hear he's got a reputation for having more than one pot on the stove, if you know what we're saying. But, then again, Tennie seems to be the sort of girl to have a guy in every (space)port. Although the pair seem to be a favorite among their friends, we don't bet these two have any staying power but it'll probably be hot and heavy while it lasts!

Jochin and Harper:
Yeah. Jochin and Harper. This is the sort of insanity that happens when we're not around to keep an eye out for the lovely ladies of RhyDin. Jochin??? He's the epitome of a RhyDin Bad Boy. All bad assery and no class. Harper, on the other hand, has a sharp wit and gorgeous good looks to accompany an incredibly intelligent mind. The only thing we can figure is that she took her break-up hard. And, for that, we feel for her something fierce. If Jochin warms up her nights a bit, more power to her. Our sources tell us that they started hooking up at the end of November so they're going on over two months which is about a month longer than we'd think he'd be able to keep her attention. We're just really hoping that she's not expecting to find her happily ever after with him. He is SOOOO not the happily ever after type!

Cooper and Ravie:
First of all, how great is the name Ravie? Ravishing Ravie, Rakish Ravie, Radical Ravie. Love it! Anyway, the beautiful elf has taken up company with the cowboy and things seem to haven gotten pretty serious pretty fast. Despite how inseparable the pair seem to be, they have been pretty adamant about taking things slowly. Rumor has it that he didn't even kiss her until halfway into their THIRD date! That's like INSANITY in this town. In this town there's like a 50% chance you get proposed to on your third date! We're not really sure if Ravishing Ravie really appreciates Cooper's slow approach. She's got a little bit of a wild side. I think if it was up to her, they'd already be knocking boots on a regular basis!

Geist and Half of RhyDin:
The female half, of course. If it's got two legs and looks good in a skirt, Geist seems to be chasing it. He's been in the company of several gorgeous women over the past couple of weeks. However, he seems to have fallen into a pretty steady pattern with the lovely dark haired beauty named Damra. There's been a couple intimate conversations and some stolen kisses in the moonlight. We hear that he was seen giving her a bracelet just the other night. No idea if this relationship has any staying power. Time will tell if Geist has really found a woman who can hold his attention or if another pretty brunette will come along to steal it away again!

Jake and Iona:
No, no. This isn't either the Cowboy Jake or the Orc Jake. This one goes by the name Jake Malone and he's a good looking guy in his mid-twenties. We don't know a whole heck of a lot about him other than the fact that he certainly has a thing for RhyDin's newest It Redhead -- Iona. Now we certainly can't blame him for having a thing for her! She is SMOKING HAWT and has an absolutely adorable personality to boot! This relationship seems to be in the very very early stages but her friends aren't making it easy for her to keep a man! We hear that poor Jake's been told in no uncertain terms what could happen if he doesn't treat Iona like a lady. That's enough to scare off any man! Jake's still sticking in there, though!

Eze and Gem:
Well, well, well, we go away for a while and Gem seems to have find herself a good guy. The pair started dating about fourteen months ago and have been going strong ever since. Eze is certainly a good looking guy and definitely seems to have a good head on his shoulders but don't think there isn't that naughtiness in this relationship that you've come to expect from Gem! She refers to their house as "the Den" which is short for the Den of Iniquity. We can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors! And you better believe we've spent some time fantasizing on THAT subject! Rumor has it that Eze is currently quite ill and Gem has been spending a lot of time at his bedside tending to him. We sure hope he gets well quickly!

....Certainly there's plenty more that we've missed and we have our interns working double time to process your tips and to sniff out the best gossip! No need to fret! We're back in business and busy at work!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow Moon - 12:01 am

Evidently we've been away far too long! Our sources are telling us that Aja was seen at the Snow Moon event watching duels and chatting on the phone with a mystery person. She was overheard telling the Mystery Guy/Gal to have the hot tub ready and ended the call with a "love you too". Aja's definitely known for having a rotating posse of hot men to keep her warm at night. Who is she shacking up with now???

We may have found a new favorite! No idea of any of the details of what she's about but our sources say that Chris is looooovely. She was seen in and out of the dueling rings in a gray sweater dress and a fedora. Fedoras tend to instantly magnify any hot girl's sexiness factor. We need more details on this girl! Pronto!

While chatting with Kaius and Morgan, Miranda was overheard talking about babies! Well, we sure hope that wedding is soon if she's already got babies on her mind! Speaking of Kaius, he was introduced to a lovely young thing named Lahan by Miranda and Morgan. Our sources say, unfortunately, there were no sparks at all. Kaius was busy talking about his room while Lahan was eager to find her way into the ring.

Great party but sad to say it looks like the only love matches will be ones that had already been made!

Snow Moon - 10:05 pm

Aw! We love when the children come out to play! Rhiannon is out and about with her daughter, Maggie, pointing out the snowmen and displays. Too cute! Our sources say she's getting so big! And Rhiannon's looking lovely as always! We hear that Maggie is all kinds of excited to see that Rix and Red are there. The latter we can understand but the former....? We hope the kid gets some taste in men as she grows older.

Weiss is there with his little one! Another real cutie! Our sources say that the baby seemed more impressed by Andu than by the Snow Moon fun. We can't say we blame him. Even in RhyDin, Andu sticks out! That's definitely one guy we'd never like to rub the wrong way!

Morgan and Miranda are out enjoying the festivities with their little girl. We hear that Morgan and their adopted daughter, Angel, have ganged up with Miranda in a snowball fight! This is another new relationship that seems to have blossomed since we've been away. Our sources are telling us that the pair are actually engaged to be married! So glad Miranda found someone. Such a nice girl! And they seem like a cute couple!

Snow Moon!

Don't forget! Bristle Crios is presenting the Snow Moon tonight! There will be Duel of Magic dueling, an open bar, food, a chili cook off, a snow ball war zone, ice bowling lanes, sleigh rides, snowman building. 

They had us at open bar!

The event starts at 9! We're going to try to sneak our sources in but if you spot something delicious, let us know!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

RhyDin Fashion Week Kick-Off - 12:53 am

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We asked our source to repeat this a half dozen times but she is SURE that she spotted Yeardley arriving to the event on Kalamere's arm! WHAAAT??? Word is here at the Den of Gossip that despite my shock over the match-up, they've been seen quite a few times over the past week enjoying each other's company. We're not so sure this has any staying power. Kalamere's a bit of a notorious playboy and Yeardley's a bit too guarded for her own good but definitely interesting! Is it just me or is it even more delicious because they were arriving late???

And, we are soooo ashamed, we got word back pretty quickly that the reason Fio isn't with her husband is THAT SHE DOESN'T HAVE ONE! It seems that the first marriage I ever officiated has ended. So sad. Our source is telling us that it happened just over a month ago, right before Christmas. No details as to what broke them up.

The Governor certainly doesn't seem to be letting any of that get to her. We hear she's still out there rubbing elbows with her constituents! In fact, she was seen introducing Arts to Koy not too long ago. It seems that Arts is looking to spice up her wardrobe and we all know that's a task that Koy is all too willing to help out with!

RhyDin Fashion Week Kick-Off - 12:21 am

...And it's starting!

Our sources say that Koy looks like a million bucks in the spotlight! She's all sequined out and in her element hosting the charity event in memory of the late, great Jewell Ravenlock. It's such a shame that she isn't here to see this because if anyone would love the glamor and artistry of the event it would most certainly be Jewell!

The fashion show highlighted a line designed by Koy, Locke, and Gerard Smith exclusively for the high-end department store, Millie & Mallie, called "Murderous Marvels" inspired by the hit movie, "Murder of Crowes". Lelah looked pretty fantastic in a white silk gown splashed dramatically with amethyst flower petals woven into the fabric. And she clearly has experience on a runway!

We LOOOOVE when Koy gets her hands on one of RhyDin's fabulous women and totally sexifies them. Rekah looked fan-freakin-tastic in a black dress covered by silver buttons which sparkled under the runway lights! She'd clearly been practicing her moves and let out her traditional howl at the end of the runway. How can you not love that girl??? She looked FIERCE!

Oh, who doubts that the dress Katarina wore down the runway was designed for any model other than her??? It just SCREAMED Katarina -- romantic and playful but with a good heaping dash of sexy. And what was her husband thinking when he let her model that in front of all of RhyDin??? There were quite a few slack-jawed men in the audience (but we won't name any names... at least not tonight) as Katarina strutted past in a spiderweb dress over a sheer slip. Beautiful!

We have to believe that Jewell would be thrilled to see her dear Amthy strutting her stuff down the runway in an event honoring her. And Amthy sure did strut her stuff! The dress was an interesting mix of bamboo and seaweed that moved beautifully despite the textiles used. Our sources say she worked it out like a pro!

RhyDin Fashion Week Kick-Off - 11:21 pm

Now this governor, my friends, is the epitome of a FPOA! Don't know what a FPOA is? Oh, come on. Thiiiiiink about it for a minute! You've got it now, don't you? And you have to agree! Our sources say that she's sporting a gorgeous little black dress. Totally NOT looking like anyone's mommy tonight! That's not to say that she's forgotten about her family. We hear she's looking for a gift for Lirssa since she's busy studying for a test and couldn't attend.

UNFORTUNATELY, the Governor is wasting that hot little black dress on the arm of the perpetually perverted Tass. Where is her husband, by the way? Husbands are supposed to fend off the likes of men like Tass! Maybe Tass is making a big contribution to the Governor's Re-Election Campaign???

Aw! We hear that Ollie's booth is also doing well. In fact, there's a lovely painting of Piper holding their daughter that we heard was a complete surprise to Piper. Needless to say, she seemed quite pleased with it!

Evidently Baker's present and accounted for. Thank goodness. Because when I think of a classy RhyDin event centered around fashion and artistry, I think Baker and copious amounts of brale. We hear that Amthy got away from him before he could grope her but he did make several completely inappropriate comments to the pretty nymph.

RhyDin Fashion Week Kick-Off - 10:32 pm

One of the hits of the night seems to be Kruger's Exotic Weapons, Armor, and Leather! I know, I know! It doesn't sound like a likely hit for a fashion event but Kruger has turned chainmail into interesting pieces of jewelry. We hear that his work is GORGEOUS! We hear that the big man (and according to our sources, he's at least six and a half feet tall) himself is quite the personality! The lovely Katarina was seen trying on a bracelet at his booth moments ago. Locke should take note! Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Speaking of Katarina, she evidently looks S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G in a fantastic navy blue dress. RhyDin's Prima Ballerina never fails to make an outfit look amazing. Although, as usual, we're left wondering how much of her fashion sense is her own and how much of it is actually Locke guiding her.

Rekah was also seen stopping by Kruger's booth. She's looking adorable as always in a totally cute black and white checkered corset dress. We hear that she was on the arm of someone named Chialms. We don't have many details on him but from what we do know he is Trouble. Yep, with a Capital 'T'. We have a feeling that some of Rekah's big brother/sister types might not be too happy about that! She certainly does keep interesting company!

RhyDin Fashion Week Kick-Off - 10:06 pm

We hear the Marketplace looks lovely for tonight's opening event of the 2012 RhyDin Fashion Week! It's lit brightly enough to allow for ample lighting for the vendors' booths but there's still plenty of dark corners for romantic intervals. Variety remains the spice of life in RhyDin. And it's in full force tonight in the wares being sold as well as in food and drink. We're hearing good things so far about the DJ too! Sounds like it's going to be a fun night.

Rumor has it that the fashion show is going to be a bit delayed. You know how models and fashion designers are!

That hasn't stopped the party goers. There's still plenty to see and do! The new mama Piper seems to have shed the diaper cloths and sweats for the night to go out on the town! She's looking lovely in a rose print empire dress but we are questioning.... the star printed tights??? Our source at the event says she's making it work but, well, you be the judge! She's there with her husband Ollie, of course. Of the Granger persuasion. We hear they've checked out the Granger booth (...we're sure it's one of the biggest and best there!) but that Ollie's a little concerned over the baby they left at home... with KAYLEE??? WTF??? Who leaves their kid with Kaylee? Doesn't she NEED a babysitter herself??? Oh, Lord help that child.

Life's Not About Where You've Been....

We here at the Den of Gossip have been busy prepping for our return and while we don't completely have everything in place yet (as we're hoping to add some new additions and changes to the mix), we could not miss our FAVORITE week of the year! RhyDin Fashion Week!

RhyDin's fun and fabulous as well as the wicked and delicious will be out in full force this week, strutting their stuff in their finest duds. The interns here are ready for action and Yours Truly is ready to document it for posterity.

LIVE blogging will hit the GangSTAR for the FIRST TIME EVER in honor of the Kickoff event. So BE THERE -- 9:30 this evening in the Marketplace!

Because, remember, life's not about where you've been, it's about where you've been seen!