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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 9:13 pm

Speaking of men in the crowd who looks restless, Colt Daniels is in attendance. His surprisingly long-term girlfriend, Tenacity, is the maid of honor. A vision! Absolute vision in blue. And she looks sober. Surprise, surprise! We do hear that she did spend a couple days recently in the hospital. We wonder if it was for 'exhaustion' **winkwinknudgenudge**.

Noooow they're married! The elven priest just announced it! How fantastic! This ceremony was almost as good as the one I officiated over (hopefully, the marriage will have more success than that one).

Haha!  Mesteno yelled for them to kiss and Eze didn't waste any time getting to it!

Not that I thought he might. After all, he is marrying a very pregnant woman. How deliciously scandalous of him!

Hm. Now we're being surrounded by blue-robed Elven acolytes handing out wine. Well, when the Elven acolytes show up you just KNOW it's time to get partying!

We'll see you tomorrow at the END OF SUMMER BEACH BASH! For now it's time to get our grooooove on!

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 8:54 pm

Adorable Rekah is present but without her hubby. We've heard news about some martial woes but considering the less than reliable source it's coming from we're not sure if it's at all believable. She's been surprisingly quiet but cute as a button as allllways!

It seems yours truly has a date! Or at least this interesting woman took my arm as I came in. We believe her name is Pharlen but know noooothing about her. She even kissed my cute little noggin! Instant favorite! Somebody Tweeter me details if you know any!

Aw! How adorb! Is that Bjorn holding hands with Ivanya??? Wasn't there some questions about his relationship status recently? Well, asked and answered! You know where to come for your gossip, don't you??? Bjorn also seems to be a bit on the restless and sweaty side. Iiiiinteresting! Some men juuuust can't take weddings!

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 7:27 pm

Guess where I am??? Gem and Eze's wedding! AND I WAS INVITED!

See, not everyone in this town hates me, Princess Bimbo Duci!

The bride looks fan-freaking-tastic! Totally glowing! After all, she looks to be about eight months pregnant! No wonder she's been lying low. The dress is gorgeous. Empire waist (since, you know, there's an awful lot of Gem to go around at the moment) with white lace over white silk and an adorable white lace bolero jacket over top. Gooorgeous. Not that we'd expect less.

Also looking surprisingly fashionable, Riley is in the crowd in a nude and cream pencil dress! She's been making some good fashion decisions over the last couple days. Maybe she's finally realized that she's a grown up and thrown out all her cargo shorts. One can only hope.

More to come! Hugs and kisses!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monte Carlo Night - 12:03 am

Our sources just saw Katt leaving in a sexy white number. We hear that she had Lachlan as her date and that he was looking downright dapper. However, our sources say that while he was quite attentive, there didn't seem to be a whole lot of chemistry between him and Katt. We believe that they may have gone as friends as opposed to something more... juicy. But isn't that just Katt's luck? That girl is always shoved off into the 'friends' category. Poor thing.

Speaking of hot women who always get put in the 'just friends' category, Rena was just spotted headed up to the roof to watch the fireworks display with the lovely Shy. And while the view from the roof must be amazing, one need not go to the trouble! The view out the giant windows is pretty breath-taking! What a way to cap off the night!

Monte Carlo Night - 11:40 pm

One of the questions we get asked frequently is whether or not Eregor has gotten sick of his goodie two shoes girlfriend, Rhiannon. The answer is an unfortunate no. In fact, they've been quite inseparable from what our sources have seen. There's been dancing and laughing and kisses. Soooorry, ladies! If it makes you feel any better her dress is so shiny he could probably see his face in it.

The Overlord's present and she's not looking quite as big of a wreck as she usually does. The tank top with the pirate skull is a little juvenile but the black motorcycle pants are pretty hot. She was present to call her shift and now is busy getting her duel on. Yeah, it goes without saying that she's not doing a whole lot of socializing.

While there was no repeat Duci/Riley showdown, we have spotted Riley and her good friend, Mataya, shed their heels and were going at it in one of the boxing rings.... wearing evening dresses. No worries, fashionistas! No high fashion gowns will be harmed tonight! Riley's sporting a pink nerf sword and Mataya's got a neon green nerf bat. Not exactly the classiest thing we've ever seen but it wasn't the hair pulling, dress ripping scene we were hoping for from Duci and Riley. No worries, though, still two more events this weekend!

Monte Carlo Night - 11:12 pm

Well, it's no surprise! The Dirty Birds are out in full force. Cove in his band of merry bed hoppers are out and about. Cove and Mist are looking pretty dashing even if they can't keep their hands off of one another or the pair of women they're with -- Thorn and Dylan -- for more than five seconds. Dylan's red dress in particular is surprisingly classy. But we're sure that they'll do or say something that will remind us all that they don't exactly do classy.

One of the biggest questions of the night was whether or not Duci would show up to frenemy Riley's party. Loooks like the answer is a yes! Our sources did spot Duci wearing a stunningly HAWT (as much as we haaate to admit it) sleeveless red dress BUT they never saw her near Riley. As for Riley, she's got a sexy little purple number on herself as she manages the evening's festivities. Awfully age appropriate if you ask us. Riley is creeping in there towards mid-thirties, you know. Got to wonder if she's starting to hear that biological clock tick-tick-ticking.

Speeeeaking of which, surprisingly enough, a lot of the gossip we're hearing so far is about Vicki Granger! The newest in-law in the Granger clan is typically not one who raises a lot of eyebrows. In fact, it's easy to say that she gets overlooked a lot next to her famous husband, Jon. But tonight there's definitely a lot of eyes on her! And it's not just because of the stunning one-shoulder white silk chiffon column gown she's wearing. It's also because she's looking a little swollen around the midsection. Could she just have put on some newlywed weight or was there a need for their sudden elopement? Iiiiinteresting development!

Monte Carlo Night - 10:40 pm

We may be late, late, late but that doesn't mean our sources weren't going to wiggle their way in! We're here and we're ready to dish! After all, 100% of the House's takes goes to our very own Gossip GangSTAR Children's Foundation!!! Lose money! Make kids happy!

So far it looks like an amazing event. It's full of RhyDin's hooottest faces, some hot tunes, lots of booze, and some of dueling's brightest stars!

Where are you and why aren't you here???

Monday, July 30, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need To Know To Stay In The Know!

10.   Fair is foul; and foul is fair. Looking for a little culture in your life??? The Tragedie of MacBeth started playing in the Shanachie Theater over this past week. It runs through the thirteenth of August and features some of RhyDin's best actors! While you're there, give our love to the SMOKING HAWT theater manager, Charles Nbayu. We're telling you! The sight of him is worth the price of admission alone! As for the play? We're getting word back that the it's pretty good and a couple of the interns and I will be attending next weekend! Fun! Who doesn't love to get all dressed up and go to the theater???

9. Only in RhyDin! Rumor has it that Andu was overheard having a very interesting conversation with the cutie Saffron over how humans separate food from sentient beings. Andu called humans "confusing" and suggested how glad he was not to count himself among their numbers. He seemed to suggest that he did not consider the act of eating human beings either right or wrong. Wow! We bet some of you are now VERY VERY glad he is no longer representing your interests on the GAC (see #5). Saffron took offense to the remarks and quickly suggested that she would be taking them out to the alley! HILARIOUS! Are we here at the Den of Gossip the only ones that would absolutely positively pay top dollar to see Saffron face down Andu??? Yeah, I didn't think so!

8. Frenemies for LIFE! It seems that Riley and Duci agreed to put bros before hos... or sisters before misters... this past week after their mega blow out the week before that over Jochin. Is anyone really all that shocked about Jochin jumping from one relationship to the next? Isn't that sort of his m.o.? Sometimes you women bring it on yourselves! Don't expect any sympathy from us, Duci, when Jochin leaves you for a blonde with a little less sag. Oh, shut up. You know you see it too! I don't know how old Duci is but there are quite a few city miles on those tires if you know what we're saying! Speaking of the EVIL BLONDE ONE, Duci will be facing off against the Den of Gossip's own Barbie next month! Details to come!
7. We Are A Single Woman's 411!  Cooper's back in town, ladies! Thaaaat's right! The cowboy has been seen in the Inn several times over the past week catching up with friends. We hear that Thorn (who is still in the middle of some odd "relationship" with Cove and Mist) was pretty overjoyed to see him as was Harper and Tenacity. He QUICKLY made friends with another hot brunette in new girl, Anna. She's a quiet little thing that our sources have spotted a handful of times in the Inn and since Cooper loves to be surrounded by hot women so it comes as no shock to us that the two were seen chatting together. We do hear that Cooper did mention that he's seeing someone. We imagine that would be Ravie and since they've reached about six months, it's officially long term relationship territory by RhyDin standards! We sure hope Ravie knows better than to let her man hang out in the Inn much without her. The women of RhyDin love themselves some Cooper and Cooper sure does seem to love a pretty face!

6. YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! It seems that our report last week of Candy showing an interest in Jay stirred up some rather interesting news. We got a letter from Jay advising us that he is not dating Candy, has never dated Candy, and NEVER broke up with Sami. In fact, they've evidently been quietly dating for the last four years and are breaking the news HERE first! STICK THAT EXCLUSIVE IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT, GOSSIP WEENIES! The long term couple was quick to tell us that they kept their relationship quiet in the beginning due to respect for Harris who raised Sami with his wife since she was a tween and who initially disapproved due to Sami's age when they first began dating. The news of the pair dating did hit the rumor mill several years ago but it seems news of the breakup that followed was false! Cute!

5. Now You See Him, Now You Don't! This past week Andu Kirost was removed from the Governor's Advisory Council for an undisclosed reason. There's an ongoing investigation but no news is coming out of the Governor's office as usual. Governor Fio rules that place with an iron fist. Finding a leak is awfully hard! It makes us long for the days of Dris and Kitty who were quick to flap their lips about anything you wanted to know! We hear that the Gov is soooo not happy, though. She's a tough cookie and definitely not one we have NO desire to be on her bad side. Good luck to you, Andu. We think you're going to need it!

4. Racing Your Way Around RhyDin! There's flyers all around town advertising an upcoming race. Although, it doesn't seem to be any of the traditional varieties! We hear that teams of no more than four will travel around the realm collecting clues and racing to checkpoints. It appears it will test mental quickness just as much as physical endurance! One team is already in place but there are plenty open spaces. Get your team together and enter by Monday evening. The winning team gets to split 25,000 credits! If that's not motivation enough, I don't know what is!

3. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend! Fourteen combatants took to the rings last Sunday night to award another diamond! When the dust settled there was a strong final four of Hydra Cup heavy weight Xanth, first timer from the Crew Myria Graziano, reigning Diamond Seirichi, and former Diamond Sartan. Xanth took out Sartan while Myria ended Seirichi's run, leaving Xanth and Myria in the end. The youngest Graziano took the 5-4 win to secure her first Diamond! Myria's often been seen as the least accomplished Graziano but NO MORE! If you're counting, this means the Crew have secured two of the three top titles within the dueling venues. Will they bother making a move on magic??? Considering that Tical recently issued a challenge to Candy for the Tower of Fire, it appears to be a very real possibility!

2. Oh, What Complicated Sexual Lives You All Lead! Our sources spotted Sal in the Inn this past week and, while it's always safe to assume that he's up to no good, it seems that he was in rare form. While he's been with Sin for quite some time, he introduced Cove to Vera as his "lover". Of course, this was in front of Thorn who has been seen getting close with Cove recently. Thorn didn't look very upset but, then again, Cove doesn't seem all that choosy about who is getting his loving. Other than choking on her vodka over it, she just seemed amused by the pair's obviously mutual attraction. Cove and Sin were seen headed upstairs in the Inn for a little bit of... one-on-one time, if you know what we're talking about! Very hot and juicy but at what point does Cove start reaching dirty territory??? He's been an Inn regular for only a couple of weeks and has been linked with a new man/woman ridiculously frequently!

1. And An Ale for the Late Great Robert Kidd. Such sad news coming out of the Kidd family this week. According to our sources within the Watch, Robert suffered a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound and his body was found on the docks this past week. Evidently there were no signs of any issues in the days leading up to his death and the family is in complete shock. There are no plans, yet, for a public memorial service. However, the family will be covering the cost of drinks for the next two weeks at the Powder Keg Pub located in Dockside, a frequent gathering place of the Kidd family, in Robert's memory. He's survived by his sister, Bridget, and brothers, Stephen (and his wife Diana), Padriq, and Donal. We hear at the Den of Gossip are deeply saddened to hear the news. The city loses one of it's most entertaining cads with the death of Robert. God speed, Robert.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need to Know to Stay in the Know!

10. And With Those Words The Panties Went A-Flying! What words? New guy in town! Not only is he new but he's hot and seems polite. That's enough for most of the women in this town to declare their love on. the. spot. His name? We're sure you're desperate for it. Daniel Jackson. He evidently got stranded here on some sort of mission. We here he looks like a military type which will make the ladies even happier. The interns and I are also quite pleased. With Alain married, there has been a distinct lack of men worthy of really working the women of RhyDin into a lather. There's Kalamere, of course, but he's willing to spread his talents far and wide so no need for any cat fights there. We're hoping there's a real knock down, drag out for this guy! If there's one thing that the women of RhyDin specialize in, it's desperation.

9. Madame, Like You This Play? The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks! The Fire Witch is going to be piiiiissed! Candy is soooo quick to tell anyone and everyone who will listen that she doesn't date, never dates, wouldn't even THINK of dating! But Jay has been overheard calling her his "ex-girlfriend" in the past (liar, liar, pants on fire, Candy!) and there had been rumors a couple years ago of some sort of involvement between the two of them. There has definitely been tension, particularly with Jay joining Crew. But ANOTHER of Jay's ex-girlfriends, Sami, has popped up recently. We don't exactly remember them dating but evidently they did a couple years ago. Briefly. Rumor has it that Candy gave the girl the fifth degree over her relationship (past and present) with Jay. Maybe Candy's not quite over Jay??? It seems that Sami's not either because she's definitely been seen spending time with him as of late!

8. This Is The Relationship That Just Won't Die! So Jochin is alive. I know, I know. Big freaking whoop. The only thing of note that we know he's done is bed half of the pretty women in RhyDin. Usually the ones with confidence issues. Because, really, the guy has the same IQ of Barbie's arch-nemesis, Duci. And oddly enough, that is exactly who he has been hanging out with as of late! But we're getting ahead of ourselves. It seems that the man who ALWAYS has a pretty thing drinking with him at the bar is accusing his girlfriend, Little Miss Serious Annie-Love Harper, of having some sort of inappropriate soul-binding relationship with her employee, Colt.... who dates her friend, Tenacity. A tangled web they weave, I know. But we're not entirely sure we buy it. Harper? Cheat? She wouldn't even cheat at a board game. But this relationship really needs to die. YOU CAN DO BETTER, LOVE!

7. Don't Hate the Player! Well, well, well. It was only a couple weeks ago that we were reporting that this Cove guy had been spending quite a bit of time with the lovely Lita. They seemed well on their way to being RhyDin's newest, hottest short-lived relationship. But even we couldn't guess just how short-lived it was to be. It never even got off the ground. Why? Well, we're getting the feeling he's not a one woman kind of guy.... or a one man kind of guy either. From what our sources tell us, Cove and Thorn have gotten very close very quickly. They were spotted in the Inn just this past week petting, kissing, and whispering to one another. But Cove's also been seen spending quite a bit of time with Mist. Seems this is one playboy who has no intentions of changing his ways!

6.  He Likes His Women a Little On the Flat Side! The question has come up more than once over the past week as to exactly what is up with Harris. Who cares??? Really. Why are there so many of you out there that actually care that a bug crawled its way up his butt and died??? Seriously. That being said we here at the Den of Gossip were wondering if the dueling star (or, more appropriately, former star since he hasn't done anything of note since his return to the rings) is having trouble with his wife of forever and a day, Stick. Particularly since we're hearing word of late night sessions with Seirichi (or Sca-reechy as Barbie is prone to calling her) at the radio station in which they host a daily show. Long gone are the days when Seirichi/Sca-reechy and Harris were arch rivals. The two have definitely become friends... and maybe it's moving into something more??? Let's hope not. The pair of them are obnoxious enough on their own, they certainly don't need to combine their efforts to irritate!

5. How NOT to Make a Good Impression! The women of RhyDin are an amiable lot... for the most part. No matter how badly scarred and no matter how deeply deranged one might be, somewhere in RhyDin is a woman that will part her legs for you with the snap of your fingers. And she'll be more than willing to marry you and pump out a couple over achieving children within a month. So when we heard that there was a fairly good looking young man quickly pissing off the vast majority of women in this town, we were shocked! It seems that his name is Gaspar Marek and unless his sister, Julia, is present to keep him in line he is a handful and a half! Our sources tell us that Kitty had to take a stern tone with him when he was complaining about Amber taking off once her shift was over (presumably to get back to her husband) before he was served and then we hear that his attempts to win over the thorny landscaper, Yeardley, did not go well! Keep at it, kid! Chances are there will be one woman bowled over by your particular brand of.... charm.

4. Aaaaand Classiest Man In RhyDin Goes To.... Someone other than Hank! He may have a handsome fellow in a grizzly sort of way but a positive role model for the youth of RhyDin, he is not. He strutted his way into the Inn one night over the past week smoking.... well, something... and sporting a machete strapped to his back (really, isn't it about time for a weapons check, Panther?). Evidently, this guy has a name for his machete. It's Sammie, in case you were wondering. Anyway, biiiig shock, he heads in, starts drinking, and promptly gets into some sort of brawl with some masked woman that our interns couldn't identify. Our sources claim it seemed pretty nasty but in this town that could have just been foreplay. It broke up and Hank was overheard asking his boss, Audrey, for a couple days off to recover from it. She didn't sound pleased but gave it to him anyway. Can't find good help these days, eh, Audrey???

3. We Just Want the Hotties Shaking Their Money Makers! We've heard the rumors but the news has finally come down the pipeline! Three days! Seven stages! ONE HUNDRED AND ONE ACTS! Dragonpalooza is scheduled for the second weekend in September and we're already totally JACKED! That is going to be a weekend of insane amounts of merriment. Better take those dates off from work NOW. No word yet on who the bands will be but there are certainly rumors a plenty. But you know we here at the Den of Gossip NEVER report rumors only CONFIRMED truth. As soon as we get some verifiable band names, YOU will be the first to know!

2.  Seventy Times the Sparkly Goodness! This Sunday (July 22 at 8 pm) will mark the seventieth Diamond Quest in the Duel of Fists' Outback! Quite the checklist of active former winners are scheduled to appear in the tournament, including Sartan (three time Diamond), Seirichi (one time and current reigning Diamond), Mur (two time Diamond), Kheldar (six time Diamond), Ria (one time Diamond), and Harris (two time Diamond). There is also several entries looking to get their first Diamond Quest win and YOU KNOW that this one will be hotly contested for it's Hydra Cup points! Noticeably not on the list of entries is Old Man Simon himself but there's always a chance that the nine time Diamond will go looking for his tenth! It'll definitely be a show worth watching!

1. We're Starting To Lose Count. So in this week's NOT DEAD files, it seems that Collie MacLeod-Fenner is NOT dead.... and, yeah, we think this is one for the NOT DEAD file, not the UNDEAD file. Biiiig difference. Anyway! Collie was reported missing by her family several weeks ago and then there were rumors that a body washed up looking quite like her's. There was also some talk that her husband, the ever so shady Darien Fenner, was behind her disappearance and possible murder! Things had NOT been looking sunny in that marriage before her disappearance but it seems that this brush with death has changed all of that. They were spotted together in the Inn one night this past week hanging out together with friends (although we use the term loosely in Darien's case), including Aja, Yeardley, and Audrey. Collie was overheard saying that being told to come claim your dead wife's body can change your priorities. We wouldn't speak too soon if we were her. Give it some time. That dog will be right back to his old tricks!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need to Know to Stay in the Know!

So were a couple days late. Sue us. Okay, no. Really don't sue us. Just enjoy what we have to share with you!

10. The bottled blonde dead man-stealer??? So evidently rumors of Jochin's death were greatly exaggerated because the moron has been spotted hanging around the Inn once again. Yeah, yeah. We know. There are more than a couple of women in RhyDin who were only upset about the news of his demise because they weren't the ones to end his life to begin with. Well, ladies, you still have your chance to get your revenge! Or key his car! Whichever! Aaaaand to make matters worse, he wasn't hanging out with longtime girlfriend, Harper, when our sources spotted him. Instead, he was supposedly seen with our dear Barbie's harasser and FAKE BLONDE bombshell (sorry, Barbie, she sort of is hot), Duci. The pair were seen leaving the Inn together in the VERY early morning hours. Really, I couldn't think of a pair more suited for one another.

9. Aaaand your first Hydra Cup Update! With the Hydra Cup just gearing up, dueling analysts and reporters are curious to find how the point system will function and which team will learn to work it best. So far, Beat Down is in the lead due, almost solely, to Seirichi. She may be obnoxious but the girl's a SWAGGER BEAST! Forces of Nature is coming in second and also has the most active duelists. There's no real team standout. Just some solid dueling across the board. The Crew is sitting in third at the moment and as is typical of the Crew, only two members have shown any activity -- Fio and Tical. Tical, in particular, was awfully hot this weekend. Great of Strength is in fourth and that's entirely due to Xanth since none of his other teammates have bothered to duel. From now on we shall call this team Team Xanth. And what's sad? Even if Team Xanth hadn't even bothered to show, they'd still be faring better than CrushBob who, with the exception of Tass, are dueling pretty dismally across the board. But don't look so sad CrushBob fans! There's still plenty of time for them to turn things around. Maybe Goon will come back and right this sinking ship!

8. Protip #299: Don't Piss Off the Half-Orc. While there were several challenges this past week, the one that everyone and their brother had circled on their calendar was the match between half-orc and Red Orc Brewery owner (the orc behind Badsider beer), Jake Thrash, and indisputable town idiot, Harris. Harris wasn't just content to mock the orc on the Outback's corkboard by calling him a 'cowardly gelded half-orc'. He took the trash talk a step further and was rumored to be the person behind the slashing of Jake's diamond portrait hanging in the Outback. If all of that wasn't bad enough, we hear that SOMEBODY drilled holes in every keg of Badsider in the building and let it drain dry. The smell alone must have been enough to get you drunk! Well, Jake let his fists do the talking. He beat Harris 5-1 in the first duel and 5-4 in the second and, thus, secured the right to hang onto Pathfinder.

7. Not even sunscreen will help you avoid this burn! Don't forget! Bonfire Brawl Night is being hosted in the Market Place Square this coming Wednesday night by the truly nutty Baroness of Old Market and current Firestar holder, Candy. The only good thing I can say is that at least they're abandoning the Outback for the night so we won't have to listen to 'burning down the Outback AGAIN' jokes all night. The festivities start at 9 and food and drinks will be provided! It's a great opportunity to see your favorite dueling stars and purchase foam fingers and knock off Hydra Cup team gear from the street vendors that you know will be their in droves. Have a blast! Drink some free booze! Maybe even get into a fight! Try to avoid getting burned!

6. Bring on the Barons and their Cookie-Loving Overlord! The first Government Advisory Council of Fio's second term will be held Monday, July 9, at 9 pm in the Great Hall! This will be the first meeting for new members like Audrey as well as the entire collection of barons and Chris Graziano. Political watchers are curious to see if the Crew (who has never really showed much interest in politics until bringing Fio into the fold) will make a strong showing or not. Also of note, Matt will continue to hold his citizen seat while his squire will sit in his Baronial seat. We're curious to see how much free reign Matt gives her or if she'll merely be there to support his positions! The meeting is open to the public so come on out! If nothing else, you'll get to see my handsome mug!

5. The babes of RhyDin never fail to bring the HAWT! We're hearing a lot of buzz about a gorgeous beauty named Lita that's been spending time in the Inn lately. In fact, our sources believe she's actually staying at the Inn currently. Of course this one has already been swept up by another new face in a guy named Cove. We have little details about the pair but one of our sources is reporting back an interesting scene from late one night this past week. It seems that Lita was hanging out with Cove and several of his guy buddies, including Mist and Tasriq, when Tasriq made some crack about Lita and sex. Evidently Lita was deeply offended but her new man kept right on laughing. This new relationship doesn't seem very long lived. This Cove guy seems way more interested in his bromances than the fact that he's dating a KNOCK OUT of a girl!

4. Sleeping her way straight to the top! It's common knowledge, of course, that G'nort's a moron. He's good at getting women, but not so good at keeping them. Aaaaand here's exactly why. Evidently his former model-girlfriend (and is there anyone out there who is surprised that G'nort is dating a model??? We didn't think so.) is interested in breaking back into the business so G'nort was overheard putting in a good word for her with Mrs. RhyDin Fashionista herself, Koy. Weeeell, it seems that Mercedes was none to pleased that G'nort was using his business and personal influence to get his girlfriend a job. Not that we think Koy would bite. Mercedes is more the type to be spotted in some men's magazine in that classic over the shoulder pose in a barely there bikini bottom while holding her boobs. High fashion runway model? We think not. Rumor has it that she left a goodbye note with her "platonic buddy" Cor to give to G'nort to let him know she was taking off on a business trip. Could we finally be seeing the cracks in the foundation of this relationship???

3. My girlfriend's back and we're gonna be in trouble! Katt's alive. Evidently. Sometimes, RhyDin, you blow our minds. Nobody really dies in this town. You can see their throat cut in the alley one night and a week later they're drinking booze and rubbing elbows with all the pretty ladies at the bar. So we suppose that we shouldn't be shocked by this latest return from the crypt case. Hoooowever, this death was awfully public and mourned by many. Rumor has it that news of her aliveness (it is a word now so SHUT UP) is just now starting to spread. No word yet, though, if Sergei has any idea. Particularly since he's been overheard mentioning that he's had a couple dates with Jet. We're quite curious to see if that's REALLY Katt and how this all unfolds. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY will Bon Bon Boutique be restored to its former glory???

2. A little inappropriate for the morning hour but still all sorts of fun! Ever heard of KLIT 900 AM? We hadn't until this past Thursday! But about 7:50 when the interns and I were fast asleep all snug in our beds, the news came in that KLIT was hyping up a new morning talk show. And after hearing who was hosting that new talk show we all we're up in spite of the UNGODLY hour! Whoooo do you ask can get Marc Franco out of bed before noon? Harris and Seirichi!!! Gone is the written version of Ringside Rewind and in its place is a weekday talk show from 8 until 10 featuring the pair of frenemies talking dueling, life, and pretty much everything in between. The town is totally buzzing with it! And, for the record, I am no longer the hardest working man in show business. I've been dethroned by the poor sucker who has the job of bleeping out every foul thing that comes out of Seirichi's mouth! That being said these two miss getting the number one spot on the Top Ten Things despite this new wildly successful radio show for LOSING THREE CHALLENGES IN THREE DAYS BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM! For Pete's sake, COME ON!

1. Is the elf getting a little big for his britches? There are leaks close to Locke and the Highlife Haberdashery gang that he will be opening a new store in the foreseeable future! This news hasn't even broken the fashion circles but straight from our ears to your inquiring minds, dear readers! Highlife Haberdashery has always been high end but has catered to RhyDin's upscale businessmen -- suits, ties, dress shirts. However, we're hearing that Locke wants to this new line to be equally trendy but more casual. Think expensive jeans, graphic t-shirts, leather jackets. ALSO, for years there's been a call for him to branch out of menswear to clothe more women than just his lovely wife and, if our source is on the money, Locke might just be ready to step on Koy's toes! We can't wait to see this play out!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need to Know to Stay In the Know!

10. Where are all the cool kids at? Looking for something to do tonight? Well, a couple of the interns mentioned that they will be checking out the hottest club in RhyDin tonight! One of the city's top DJs, Daigh Sterling, will be hosting an 80s prom themed party at Gilt. Who wants to miss big frizzy hair, dayglo dresses, and 'Members Only' jackets??? Not us! Doors open at 9 and the party goes until the place shuts down. It's $10 a head with some great drink specials. Prom outfits are required and there's a contest for the best costume! We sure hope there are slap bracelets and lots of hair band music! Totally tubular!

9. Bringing the hotness back to politics! With Fio's job being secured for another year, it seems like she's ready to get back to the business of running this town.... or at least trying to manage the insanity! The 2012-2013 GAC Members have been announced and yours truly will be there representing you lovely people again this year. (Got to love RhyDin politics when I am considered a fine, upstanding representation of the population!) Kazzy and Fiona are stepping down from their positions for unknown reasons while Fio is bringing her very own competitor, Audrey, on board! We cannot WAIT to see the outfits she rocks to the GAC Council meetings! Hoooottie! We wonder if she makes Magenta call her 'Councilor' in the bedroom. Also of note, Fio has decided to add the Swords Overlord and each of the barons as council members, representing the city district that their baronial property is located in. No doubt that first meeting is going to be incredibly interesting!

8. The Barbs needs her car! Center city in the Old Market District is all in a tizzy as a couple blocks around Town Hall has been cordoned off for maintenance. Evidently the town watch is pretty serious about their maintenance! The interns and Barbie tried to sneak past the yellow tape to get me my crystal-encrusted sunglasses because a man just can't go a weekend without his blinged out glasses. ANYWAY! The Town Watch CAUGHT Intern Pumpkin Head, Intern P.I.T.A. AND Barbie! They talked their way out of a ride to jail but they IMPOUNDED our dear sweet Barbie's lovely corvette! Can you say 'over reaction'??? I WILL HAVE THEIR BADGES! DON'T THEY KNOW WHO I AM?!?!

7. The lady is a flaming ball of NUTS! Candy was never the brightest, prettiest, sweetest, or sanest of girls but she's quickly appearing to lose all control of her temper. Violence seems to be the name of her game lately and while she's busy pissing off people left and right, she doesn't have much of a support system. Her Hydra Cup team is mostly low ranked duelists and the higher ranked ones seem more intent on putting distance between themselves and her when she starts hopping aboard the crazy train! Maybe she doesn't need support, though! In a best of three, Candy took down the embattled Jesse (who was fighting her second challenge match of the week) to take the Tower of Fire. The win gave Candy one of each of the three sports secondary titles but it was an honor she had to defend two nights later when she faced off against Ria Graziano for Firestar. After another three duels, Candy finished off a match in the pool (which was decreed by the caller, Harris, for the duelists' own safety thanks to all the fire flying about) and left Ria Graziano unconscious. The Crew were seen hauling her off but there's no word as of yet on her condition. Candy's on a flaming island allll by herself! We're a little worried for the residents of the Old Market district, that's for sure!

6. More Granger trouble! Our sources with the Watch are telling us that the violinist, Paige Granger (originally Paige Lovelace before she learned her connection with the famed Granger family) was involved in a horrific two-car traffic accident with her doctor and longtime friend, Dr. Alisha Monceaux. There are few details available on the accident itself. Evidently Alisha was driving the vehicle that the pregnant Paige was in and we're getting word that she was not at fault in the collision. Alisha is evidently going to be alright but Paige is in the hospital. We have been unable to get word on her condition but it appears pretty serious. Several Granger family members, including Piper and Caroline, have been spotted in and around the hospital. The RhyDin arts community is a very tight knit bunch and we hear that they are all torn up over it. We do hope she's going to be okay! Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

5. Better watch out when kissing Sleeping Beauty. Girl has a mean left hook! Soooo.... Thorn is back and the interns are starting to put two-and-two together and coming up with a really interesting/hilarious/entertaining possibility. We'll try to break it down for you! In short, Thorn had been missing for most of the month. Not a soul had seen her. However, her friends -- Desdenova and Cianan -- were definitely around with Desdenova seen posting flyers around town that advertised to hero types (charming princes, knights with shining sets of armor) the opportunity from Cianan (the "master of fantasy" according to the flyers) to try to kiss a beautiful sleeping princess awake.... for a price, of course. Our interns put the pieces together after seeing Thorn show up the day before Midsummer and talk with Fae about a 'sleeping princess scam'. She was also overheard arguing about the day with Cianan. It appears that Cianan didn't put her into the slumber but merely profited from the situation. Our sources are telling us that her friends are saying that the reason for the long sleep is that she was 'worn out'. Really? I've had my weekends of non-stop partying but never have I needed THREE WEEKS to recover! We're not buying it! No word on how much money Cianan and Desdenova made from their scam but we've got to give them points for creativity!

4. It was Ladies' Night and there were knives on site! Monday night in the Red Dragon Inn turned into a Baker wet dream! A nice sampling of Scathacian Girls settled in for booze and trouble-- er, merry-making at the Inn! Issy was on hand, of course, looking as hot and dangerous as ever and she was joined by a uber blonde surf bunny Janie, the scary looking pile of muscles Marlah, suuuuuper sexy Bellona, redhead Scath priestess Athena, and the recently dethroned Swords baroness Cammy. There was knife-throwing (because that's ALWAYS a good mix with alcohol) and they were overheard planning a tournament and we don't think they were talking about a pie-eating competition! Throw in some mud AND WE ARE SO THERE!!! Wouldn't you be??? Can you imagine a toooon of Scath babes wrestling around in the mud??? We bet even Baker would awake from his alcohol induced haze to waddle his way to this one!

3. Tragedy in the MacLeod-Fenner family! It's hard to miss the missing person flyers all over town but just in case you have been under a rock over the past week, this is DEFINITELY a need to know item! According to their family, Collie MacLeod-Fenner and her five month old daughter, Madison, are missing! The pair was headed to a doctor's appointment but never made it. Their car was found abandoned in the Old Temple district and there hasn't been word from them since. All of this comes amid rumors of her troubles with her husband, Darien Fenner, who is all sorts of shades of shady. Her children have complained that he's been seen hanging out far too much with other women, not paying attention to his wife or child, and there's rumors of a drinking problem. We sure hope they're okay but we sure hope that the Watch is looking at the most obvious suspect!

2. I can only think of one reason to need a speedy marriage! The first we heard of Rekah and Jasper's recent marriage was a postscript in a letter that we got from the blushing bride herself! And let me tell you, Barbie and I were utterly beside ourselves when we got our hot little hands on that letter! Rekah! Jasper! Married! Sooooo cute! That's everybody's first reaction, right??? And then you get a little cranky. HOW DARE THEY GET MARRIED WITHOUT INVITING ME!!! Well, don't worry, friends. We heard that Jasper mentioned that they do plan on a 'true ceremony' (his words, not ours!) soon. In the mean time, Jasper's new wife has been introducing herself as 'Rekah Silverblades'. Seriously cute! It does make us wonder, though. What was the need for such a speedy wedding without their friends present???

1. Forget the year of the dragon! It's the year of the fatty! The lard industry in conjunction with sweet old grandmothers who always think you look too thin are pleased to hear that Chris Graziano has overcome his less than ideal body size to take the Duel of Swords mantle. Again. The Cookie Monster took on Ellisa Morgan or Brit Grey (and, no, we don't get why she has two names) in a single match and with a final score of 5-3 he ended her year long reign! Chris is already demanding free high calorie baked goods be provided to him throughout his reign and is making suggestions that Overlord Island will be turned into a Graziano-themed amusement park. So that would mean there is now Crew as Governor and Crew as Overlord. Daaaangerous game we seem to be playing here!

We want your ideas for rides to the Graziano-themed amusement park! We'll publish a handful of them on Wednesday and the best/funniest idea will get an 'I'm a GangSTAR' t-shirt! MAKE US LAUGH!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Midsummer Madness ... with Barbie --One O’Clock is the Loneliest Number…

This crowd likes to sleep all day and party all night. I guess that’s how they want to live their life. Yeah…

Ahem. Seriously. The hardcore revelers were going at it for another three hours. More of the same, so it’s not worth going into detail. I don’t even want to imagine what the Glen looked like this morning. Whoever has to do cleanup on these raves deserves a big raise.

Instead, let’s use the time we have left to meditate. What did we learn from all of this?

1. Unless you’re a Christmas elf or trying to chase away evil spirits, bells are an unnecessarily annoying accessory.

2. Take a bit of advice from the dread pirate Captain Stephen. Studs or hoops are fine, but dangly earrings are just tacky and no one wants to see tacky. Leave them in your jewel box, if you know what I mean.

3. Even though the rule says white is fine between Beltane and Nexus Appeasement Day, everything in moderation, ladies. Dress up or down as the occasion demands. The Miss Havisham look is not hot this season.

4. And if you do wear white, don’t jump in the lake unless you’re wearing some serious undergarments. The Emperor does not need to advertise for new clothes.

5. The best accessory in your wardrobe is a smile. Try it once in a while. You know who you are, so I am not going to name names, coughuptightgovernorcough.

6. And for goodness sake, don’t wear open-toed sandals unless you make a commitment to a good pedicure. I saw everything, RhyDin. Ew.

Until next time, remember. You can be whatever you want to be. Just like me!

Love and kisses,

Midsummer Madness ... with Barbie -- Rockin’ ‘Round the Eleven O’Clock and Straight Past Midnight

Okay, kids. Listen up. Time for a part of this shindig that I like to call Barbie’s Life Lessons. Gather ‘round in a circle and don’t touch my Manolos. Ready? Here it is: Parties are about personalities.

I know, I know. I promised you fashion commentary, and my agent’s off in a corner somewhere having a myocardial infarction as we speak, but you didn’t really believe that was all you were going to get, did you? I mean, you can’t take a model- veterinarian-aerobics instructor-pediatrician-paratrooper-ballerina-astronaut-Star Fleet Officer like me, put her in a box and expect her to stay there. Oh, no. I have things I want to do.

And right now, I want to point out some of the crazy things that were going on last night in the Glen as the fey wine began to flow.

Exhibit A: Pants-less Pirates Ahoy
Yo-ho-ho. The man spent the first two hours he was there (yes, Stephen Kidd, I was watching you!) trying to get a pair of clueless ladies named Diana and Janie bum-over-elbows drunk and working up to the part at the end of the hour where he Spontaneously Had To Strip. But here’s a little secret for you, girls. He didn’t really need to get drunk to be persuaded to fling off his pirate pantaloons and run around jiggling his doubloons at everyone. He would have done it anyway. He just wanted to get you drunk enough that you’d think it was funny.

Apparently, it worked because Diana joined in and Janie left us with one of the quotes of the night: Bloomin’ knickers!

Exhibit B: Gimme Two Shots of Tequila. I Need One for Each Hand
The place was flowing with local wine (see Exhibit A), but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some hardcore partiers there, as evidenced by Bjorn (forever after dubbed The Horned God) Andrews hunting down the hostess, Lilliana (Natural Woman) McClae, to ask her where the tequila was. While he was off raiding the booze hoard like a Viking warrior, his companion, Ivanya chatted up the hostess about things he saw in the trees. Classic misdirection. He kept her looking up while he looked down the front of her bodice. So predictable, although I will pause here to add that the man would have to be made of steel not to want to look at them. Hell, I want to look at her bosoms, just talking about them now, and I definitely prefer my G.I.s named Joe.

Ivanya got the second quote of the night: “Hold still! I am following your customs. Do not be disrespectful.” Context: body shots. Oh Em Gee.

Just as predictably, that little party crowd grew once the bottles opened. Our Favorite Bohemian, Thorne gravitated their way, as did the adorably blonde Ducii (I still do it better),Rekah (GORGEOUS lace minidress!), and a virile little number named Rick Halliburton, who can sing to me in the moonlight anytime, thank you very much.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Moral of the story. Who am I kidding, there is no moral here. Tequila is bad, okay? Ask Marc when he gets back, if you don’t believe me. 

Exhibit C: Politics Really Does Make for Strange Bed-fellows
They say the best revenge after a breakup is to look fantastic, although in my book, it doesn’t beat getting the Dream House in the settlement. If that’s so, the Governor’s ex has nothing to worry about. The leader of our city, Fionna Helston al-Amat, disappointed by following the pack with a handkerchief hem and hoop earrings. The shoes were all right, but she committed the public-eye equivalent of hari-kiri by breaking Rule Number One: Look like you want to be there.

The best that can be said is that she left early, but not before leaving us all with this little tableau to speculate on: the new governor chewing the fat with politico-twinset Audrey and Magenta Horne. Audrey, bless her heart, was three sheets to the winds by that time and spent most of her time attempting to defy gravity by staying upright. She graced us with the third quotable moment of the night: “You should get naked too. I'm going to as soon as I figure out how to work zippers again.”

Magenta just looked like she wanted to bite Fionna’s face off. Not in a good way, either. Jealousy perhaps? Ooooh.

Exhibit D: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
Who thought this was a good idea?
1.) Drink a lot of booze.
2.) Drink more.
3.) Take off your clothes.
4.) Leap across a bonfire.
5.) Repeat.
So I can sort of see the naked pirate thinking this might be a wise thing to do. I can even allow for the possibility that his crazy missus might encourage it. Birth control? I’ve heard nuttier ideas on that topic. But, Rhiannon Brock, normal girls do not try to encourage their gentlemen friends to singe those bits off by JUMPING OVER AN OPEN FLAME. Good for you, Eregor, for managing to talk her out of it in a way that made her think it was her idea, proving that you’re swimming in the deeper end of RhyDin’s gene pool than the average pirate. And Charlie Sheen. 

Midsummer Madness ... with Barbie -- Ten O’Clock and All’s …Well…

Okay, so let me just start by saying how relieved I was when I pulled up in the Glen to check the place out. No offense or anything, but usually when you hear the words party in the woods, gypsies, traditional wine and local musicians in the same breath, and the event is publicized with flyers telling people to wear clothes, the old Bar of Expectations isn’t set very high. But it was nice. Really. There was a lot of candlelight and flowers, and it reminded me a little bit of a wedding I went to in Hollywood once when a producer’s daughter was going through her Renaissance Faire period.

Anyway, people really seemed to be getting into it. Take Thorne for instance. She was totally rocking Cher doing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves with her outfit (LOVED the shoes, by the way – if you have to make your accessories matchy-matchy, at least do it right). Her stylist was right on the money with that hair. One word of advice, though: Lose the bells. Plenty of angels getting their wings around these parts already without that kind of help. Seriously.

A lot of the ladies arriving early seemed to be taking a page from that same style book. Boho was big in the Glen last night, from a little patchwork number Saffron had on to every single pret-a-porter floral sundress ever made. There were a few standouts, though. Case in point: Shylah came in wearing a white couture gown with floral detailing at the hem that made me think for a minute that I was back in Hollywood, reliving that wedding (the bride got divorced a year later, and that party was Goth, so we’ll see what Shylah’s shaking in the Glen come Halloween before I start singing Déjà vu).

The men were just as bold in their sartorial choices. Who was that masked man? was the question of the night as Bjorn Andrews made an appearance in leather pants and Jerry Seinfeld’s poofy shirt, with hair straight out of Braveheart. Some bull dude named Andu was pushing the boundaries of the Wear Clothes mandate in a loincloth – my first A-ha moment of the night, when I realized why the flyers specified that bit. Really, no one wants to see that before they’ve at least hit the three-drink minimum. And some Svengali-type who my sources tell me is called Langley Taourt showed up late for his prom in a navy tuxedo. Let me repeat that. Navy.

And that was just the opening act!

Midsummer Madness ... with Barbie

Hello, fashion aficionados! I’m bold, I’m beautiful, I’m Barbie and I am back covering for Marc Franco and staff with a recap of everything that was sassy and not-so-classy at last night’s Midsummer Festival.

But, wait. Where is Marc, you may ask? When your publisher buys you a round of tickets for a two-day bender in Tijuana, you say Viva la Mexico!, and you go, am I right? And who better to cover one of the most amazing events of RhyDin’s social season while you’re off in some south-of-the-Nexus theme park biting the worm (and I sincerely hope that is not a euphemism!) than the multiverse’s most amazing beauty and fashion icon?

No one, that’s who!

So sit back, order another post-party Mimosa to wash down that handful of aspirin, and get ready for a recap of last night’s Fabulous and Fail, liberally seasoned with enough gossip to make even my ears burn! And after the lies they were spreading about those pictures of me and Charlie Sheen in the hot tub last fall, that’s saying something. Repeat after me: Aside from diamonds, plausible deniability is a girl's best friend. A little life-coaching moment, just between us, free of charge. Oooh! I think I smell a new Dragon Channel reality show in the making...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Gubernatorial Debate - 11:04 pm

Aw! We hear that the ever adorable Alyssa just asked a question to the candidates about how they plan on furthering education in RhyDin! We adore her to pieces and it's so cool to see the younger generation getting actively involved in the political process! She's been seen listening intently through out the debate with Rick at her side.

Time for closing statements, folks! This thing is wrapping up!

Lirssa just darted in during her mom's closing statement! Too cute! She's getting so big and we're so glad that she showed up and just in time to hear her mom talk about her education.

There was no Caroline Granger present to represent her family's interests but she seems to have taken a slight step back out of public view with this pregnancy. It must be exhausting doing her job while playing the role of human incubator! But another pregnant Granger, Paige, was seen present and taking notes. We have to wonder if she's going to be reporting back to Caroline. Jaster joked about turning into a pumpkin at eleven so the debate needed to be wrapped up. Well, it seems he wasn't joking. At eleven on the spot, Jaster turned into a pumpkin. Now THAT has never happened in a RhyDin debate before! Got to love it! Every year it's something new!

And that's it for us, folks! We're not going to tell you who we think won the debate. You can pick up the transcripts if you missed it. But make sure you vote, vote, vote! This is about you making sure your voice is heard! Good luck to all the candidates!

2012 Gubernatorial Debate - 10:11 pm

Magenta just said something about how the stars of the dueling venues should assist the Watch. Hahahahaha! We're sure she's trying to help her wife get the sporting vote but.... really? Has she met some of those people? A quarter of them are drunks, a quarter of them are too self-involved to cross the street to help anyone, and the other half have taken so many blows to the head that they shouldn't be trusted to serve and protect!!! No, no, no!

That being said, when Fio gave her a difficult time about her response to the answer, Magenta went right back at her! Audrey married a bulldog! Ha!

Cor is supposedly sitting in the audience jamming his nonexistent 'response' button that all the candidates have when they would like to ask a follow up question to another candidate. Why do we get the feeling that this is going to be the last year Cor will be watching from the audience??? We'd bet you money his name will be back in the hat again next year!

Kruger started questioning Fio on something that Fio felt she'd already responded to and Fio went all mom on him! THAT is what we were waiting for! Evidently she broke it down for him in kid-speak and it had some members of the audience, including Rhiannon cracking up. We hear that Fio and Magenta have also been doing a bit of gaining up on The Anvil to poke fun his way. We're still hoping for a little bit of cattiness before the night is over, though!

They're currently responding to a question about punching kittens in the face. Good Gods.

Spotted in the crowd??? AMTHY! Oh, how she brightens our day! Too cute for words! She's been seen sitting with Saffron and chatting about what they're having for dinner. Yeah. We don't really see her as being there for the political discourse. And Belial! Looking HAWT and DANGEROUS as she always does! Now we do believe that Bel is there for the political discussion and we'd bet that the candidates are hoping to please her with their answers. That woman holds A TON of sway in this city. Getting her endorsement would be a huge victory for any one of these candidates!

2012 Gubernatorial Debate - 8:54 pm

Wow. Kruger just took a nasty shot at the current governor, sarcastically saying that nobody should vote for him if they believe everything is great in this city and that the governor is doing a perfect job of keeping everyone happy. Big words, fancy britches! Let's see if he can back them up!

We hear that Dris in particular seemed to agree with the statement and was seen clapping and carrying on over it.... or maybe he just got confused again and thought he was in a strip club and Kruger was about to give him a show. It is Dris, after all, so there's no real way to be sure.

Looks like the ushers just forcibly removed Cor from the stage. ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

Jaster just asked some odd question about interspecies robot marriage. Without us even telling you who wrote in the question, any political watcher in this city should know because WITHOUT FAIL he asks a stupid question at the debate every single year. It's almost a tradition at this point. Have you got it??? Yep! Hellooooo, Harris. We do have to admit that's a good one. Fio complimented it as the best to date during her chance to respond.

Short side note! Aja's in the audience! Haven't seen much of her at all lately. Looks like Vera's present as well. And we hear that Saffron just showed up sporting one of those "Ain't Nothin' But A Horne-Dog And I'm Voting For Audrey" tees. Yes, friends. Welcome to politics in RhyDin!

2012 Gubernatorial Debate - 8:36 pm

The crowd is starting to get into their seats and get settled for tonight's Gubernatorial Debate!

Our sources say that Dris is among those in the crowd! No lie! Just when you thought the former Governor had forgotten completely that he was ever a part of RhyDin politics in he struts! And, of course, strutting is definitely what he's up to. He's busy flirting up Shy at the moment but, no doubt, he'll have flirted his way through three-quarters of the crowd within the next hour.

Usually debate hosts try to play it low key and let the spotlight be on the candidates buuuuuut.... Well, this is RhyDin where even a slimy gossip columnist like yours truly was given an opportunity to play debate host! This year it is Jaster who has the honor. He's looking absolutely fabulous supposedly in a brown double-breasted jacket with a mustard yellow shirt and tie! That Jaster! He may be green but he's one handsome b.e.a.s.t!

The candidates have come out to their podiums!

.... And Cor seems to be taking up residence with Fio at her's. In his ridiculous usual debate attire -- red leather and wrap around sunglasses. Evidently he's claiming that he always watches debates from a podium. BECAUSE HE'S BEEN IN THEM! Uuuugh. Totally nutter. For the moment Fio is putting up with him. But this is the mother of young children. We think eventually she'll take a ruler to his ass. Now THAT is something we'd like to see!

Audrey, unfortunately, is not present. She and her daughter are both sick with the flu but she's sent her wife, Magenta, in her place! And, really, when voting for a pretty face does one really care which pretty face shows up??? There's nobody out there actually voting for Audrey on the merit of her ideals, right???

The Anvil -- Kruger -- has arrived and is all pearly white smiles at the moment. We're still not sure he's not just in this election for girls. Who gives themselves the nickname 'the Anvil' and then asks people to take them seriously?

....aaaaand they're off and running. The first question has been asked! My question is -- WHY AREN'T YOU HERE???

Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 10 Things You Need To Know To Stay In The Know

10.  Yeardley and Reap are doing porn! In a church! They're not just going to do porn. They're planning on becoming porn stars. Yeah, we're not entirely sure how legit this is either but the Drunken Couple of the Decade, PJ and Reap, were overheard chatting about the ins and outs of porn and just how well Reap would... perform in that setting. Kitty evidently was encouraging them to break into the "heathen altar porn" since it evidently sells much better. Our sources claimed to stop listening after Yeardley said something about Reap signing his name in sperm. We don't blame them!

9.  Ever since breaking up with her live-in boyfriend, Jochin, the usually quiet and reserved Harper just can't seem to keep herself out of the gossip pages! And each time, she's in with a different man! This time it was her ex, John, who was overheard asking her into a room he was renting for the night at the Inn. Don't you wonder just how many love trysts those Inn rooms have seen over the years??? Panther really should consider renting them by the hour. Jochin, who broke up with Harper rather than go to rehab, was seen drinking in the Inn the next night complaining how he'd always be runner up to John in Harper's life. Seems like Harper's got more men than she knows what to do with! Who do YOU think she should choose???

8.  News is coming in that this Tuesday, June 12, is the release date of the newest album by The Judes! Quinn and crew will be on hand at an album release party at St. Andrews for a meet and greet and a performance of some of the songs off the new album as well as some fan favorites. There will evidently be a bunch of great local bands and some fantastic drink specials so be there! We sure hope one of the interns has hooked up us a deal with the company's PR deal to get paaaaid for the hype we publish!

7.  The absolutely stunning Zahra and OMGDOMENOW Bashir got awfully close when we weren't looking! And it seems the town's about to get another lawyer. Bashir is said to be leaving behind a more dangerous career to begin searching for work using his training as an attorney. Our sources say that he might just be laying down the groundwork to convince his father and Zahra that he is ready and willing to create a life and a family with her. They are an adorably cute couple together! But... really? Another lawyer? The lawyers in this city definitely seem worse than most, don't they? Not that we'd ever talk bad about ANY of the lawyers in town. Particularly Dewy, Cheatham, and Howe! Bunch of great guys they are! Really! We really really really mean that!

6.  We keep telling the women of RhyDin not to set their sights on imps, fairies, and pixies but noooobody ever listens to us! So LISTEN UP RhyDinettes because this is what happens when you hitch your dreams for a happy ever after to a pixie! Rumor has it that Jinx is engaged to be married to a hoooot (really way too sexy to be dating him) brunette imp named Fae. However, it isn't Fae but Jet that he's been seen blatantly leaving the Inn with at night. AND, if that wasn't enough, our sources say that he was caught locking lips with yet another fairy-like creature called Disharmony. AND he was overheard making plans with Amthy and Saffron to go skinny-dipping one night. Your lesson for the day? Pixies are simply NOT capable of keeping it in their pants.

5.  Mur's week was one heck of a mixed bag! On Sunday, after dropping from Warlord and, thus, nullifying his challenge for Matt's baronial title and losing his way into the lower ranks cyclical tournament, Mur beat the rather large pack to emerge with the Talon of Redwin. If his week had ended there, it would have been so bad but Mur had also challenged Matt in Fists and Magic. Aaaand the Fists challenge is where he ran head first into a rather large brick wall. He managed to score only ONE POINT IN TWO DUELS against Matt. The first one was an easy 5-0 win and the second 5-1. So, if you're keeping track at home, in Mur's round robin of sports titles against Matt, he's had one challenge canceled for losing rank and has had one complete butt whooping. Their Magic duel is scheduled for Monday, June 11 at 10 pm. Although, with all the continued problems on the Island with fire, it's a go as you dare sort of event. With the Keeper of Water busy defending his title, we wouldn't be shocked if the entities behind the fire see it as a time to strike!

4.  At what point does Kalamere go from happening, hot bachelor to.... well, just a little slimy??? His not-so exclusive relationship with Yeardley has been going on for quite a while and we have the feeling that she'd prefer that it was more exclusive than not. But now he's back to his old tricks with Teagan and Joey. The trio were seen in the Arena together this past week looking AWFULLY chummy. Our sources tell us that Teagan was QUITE drunk and that Joey ended up taking her back to Kal's. Kal DEFINITELY needs to be careful. Teagan is a mess, Joey has always had WAY too big of a crush on him, and Yeardley is definitely not the type you want to cross! Three beautiful women or not, there isn't a soul here at the Den of Gossip that wants to trade positions with him. TICK-TICK-TICKING TIME BOMB!

3.  Well, well, well. Lookie here who is acting like an idiot school boy with his first crush!!! Oh, how the mighty playboy of the dueling venues has fallen. Our sources are reporting back to us that G'nort was tripping all over his tongue as he asked Mercedes to officially be his girlfriend in a speech that was... well, less than articulate. She never seemed to directly answer the question and didn't seem over the moon that he'd asked. We're wondering if she's digging him as much as he's clearly digging her. Feel free to mock him if you run into him and don't feel the least bit guilty for it. If it were anybody else acting like a pimple-faced teenage boy mooning over the homecoming queen you better believe that he'd be the first in line to mock!

2.  The sword slingers of the Arena are going to have to try harder if they don't want this "Crew Rebellion" to succeed. The Warlord Tournament had a handful of Crew entries with the final three being the Crew's Kheldar, the Crew's Chris, and Sartan. Sartan was able to take the win in the double elimination tournament but just when they thought that they were safe from at least one challenge from the Crew Sartan TURNED DOWN THE PRIZES! Therefore, Kheldar took the baronial challenge, leaving Fatty McFaterson -- sorry, Chris Graziano -- with the overlord challenge. And the Overlord and her cadre of loyal barons still haven't said anything. It's like they're trying to ignore this is happening. The problem is that if they keep ignoring it and refuse to mount a defense, the Crew will take over the Baronial Council and maybe even the Overlord's title. Chris has issued challenge! We will have to wait and see what happens!

1.  Campaigning for the election of RhyDin's Governor is quickly heating up! The primary results found Audrey, Fio, and Kruger among the top vote getters and the three will be facing off in a debate on Sunday at 8 pm in the Great Hall. The community is invited to watch and ask the candidates questions. CEO of DeMuer Exports, Dib Jaster Aurene, will be hosting the event. We are GREEN with envy! Hahaha. Get it? Because Jaster is green.... Oh, never mind! The city is a mess of rumors on the upcoming debate and election! People are wondering what Audrey and Magenta will wear to the debates! Sergei, the young air-racer, stumped for his friend by writing her name in the sky Saturday night over RhyDin. If you missed it, shame on you! It was quite the sight. And we're hearing that Kruger is plastering the dueling venues with the news that a vote for Kruger is a vote for the duels. We're sure that his campaign thought they had the dueling venues locked up, this coziness between Fio and the Crew must be driving them craaaazy! We look forward to seeing YOU Sunday night at the debate! There will be live blogging of the event!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need To Know To Stay In The Know!

10.  Well, it seems the jury's still out on Chryrie's new relationship! Or maybe we should say it's a hung jury. Amthy, Trae, and Trae's new guy, David, were all discussing Rick and Chryrie's blossoming romance in the Inn one evening. It was news to Amthy who thought she was seeing Marshall. We can't blame her! Even we here at the Den of Gossip have a hard time keeping up with Chryrie's romantic pursuits! While Amthy thought it was great news since Rick seems to be an easy-going, fun sort of guy, Chryrie's daughter was NOT happy. Trae was overheard calling him a "jerk", rolled her eyes recalling how Rick said that he would never leave Chryrie, and complaining about how Rick had hugged her without asking. At least David had the intelligence to keep quiet. You are dating a girl who is too young for you and whose mother isn't yet sold on you. It is in your best interest to keep your head down and your mouth shut. As for Rick? Well, looks like he's got some work to do if he's going to win over his new girl's daughter!
9.  We told you there was no way the whole Colt/Ten thing would last very long. It's already lasted longer than we expected but our sources tell us that there was quite a bit of tension between the couple as they hung out with friends, including Eless and Luke (who looked insanely happy as usual), Vera, and Harper. The last one is a bit notable since she just broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Jochin, and has been seen spending QUITE a bit of time with Colt and other Daniels as of late. In fact, the very next night Harper was seen at a table FULL of alcohol with a giant load of Daniels, Yeardley, and Kalamere. We hear that she left with Colt talking over plans to "hang out" at her place. Just a reminder -- friends don't steal friends' boyfriends, Harper!

8.  A small Archmage tournament was held on the Island this past Sunday between Matt, Xanth, Sivanna, and Nayun. The round robin tournament ended in a tie and a point differential tie breaker found Xanth as the winner. He then quickly had to face off against Archmage Lem several days later for a best of three match up for Magic's top title. Lem took the first soundly but the second was a closely pitched match that Lem managed to win by only a single point. In the midst of the major meltdown going on currently on the Isle (see #2) it's certainly a time that stability is needed on the Island! Congratulations to Lem!
7.  As the two-time defender of FireStar, Candy Hart has always been more of an Outback star than an Arena powerhouse. In fact, she's was just a commoner prior to Wednesday night's match. Thanks to a grant, she had an opportunity to challenge one of the Overlord's many loyal barons and took on Camilla for Old Market. And the girl was buuuuuck! So, yeah, she's a little scary looking and looks like she could stand to bathe a bit more often but her dueling skills are pretty bad ass! In the first match of the best of three, she didn't even let the Baroness score a point until the sixth round (and then only in an exchange). Candy won the first by a score of 5.5-2.0 and then moved on to the second where she held the Baroness to a half point less than the first match! She did not join the legion of loyals and instead declared herself loyal only to herself. So self-involved? Well, doesn't that just describe three-quarters of the Arena's dueling stars! She'll fit right in!

6.  Now we never wish ill of anyone's marriage but, really, this trouble couldn't be happening to a more annoying couple. Collie, who we are just hoping will hit menopause before she adds anymore children to this city, and Fenner, who we were hoping would stop causing problems in this city when his newspaper finally went belly up, are NOT doing well from what we're told. In fact, we hear that Rhiannon Brock was seen complaining to the Governor, Fio, about the amount of time she's been seen spending with the shady journalist. Evidently, according to Rhiannon, Fenner has been spending more time with gorgeous woman other than his wife than he has at home with his sick daughter. Several days later Collie herself was seen in the Inn speaking with Fio at length. Oooooh! Who would have ever pegged Fio as 'the other woman'???

5.  We just said last week that we had no idea to where all the Grangers had disappeared! Well, a handful of them did surface for Robyn's big night as Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde last Saturday night. In fact, old man Humphrey Granger himself was there in the company of the pregnant, Caroline. Robyn's brother, Shane, showed up as did Helena Granger who rarely pokes her head outside of Maple Grove these days. Tali and Brynne were spotted showing up together and Dr Leo Granger who rarely spends time with his family showed up to support Robyn along with his escort, Salem. Jon and his fiancee, Vicki, were present as well and we hear that quite the bouquet was delivered backstage for Robyn.

4.  Rumor has it that 21twelve is filing for bankruptcy! The news comes out of nowhere as the marketing campaign for "Getting Over Alyson" was just starting to heat up. In fact, the interns were in the process of setting up interviews for me with some of the stars! It seems that the movie will never see the light of day as the post-production crew has been sent home and the offices are being packed up. We're still holding out hope that a last minute buyer sweeps in to save it from going under. Doesn't Edward already have money invested in this venture? Wouldn't it be great to see RhyDin's Playboy swoop in and take it over? It's really such a shame.

3.  The Duel of Swords cycle is over and the tournaments are gearing up! The Talon of Redwin Tournament which is open to all the lower ranks will be held tonight and there are still a couple spots open for it if you'd like to throw your name into the hat. By Friday afternoon there was only one spot left! Seems like it's going to be a crowded one. The show starts at 8 pm and Mur (who just slipped his way back into the lower ranks) has declared that he will be schooling the entire field before moving on to become the first Talon-Baron. We shall see how that goes for him! The Warlord Tournament starts Sunday at 9 pm and has a handful of Crew entrants in their rebellion movement. In addition are a couple of people that have declared their intent to stand in the way of the Crew, notably Harris and Anubis. Some big stars like Wyh, Kal, and Red have also declared their intent to participate! Looks like it'll be an interesting one!

2.  Fire, fire, fire! It seems to have taken over Twilight Isle and the Magic community is at risk of losing their dueling home. Fire elementals have become increasingly hostile and attacking more and more of the island with... well, what else but FIRE! The Tower of Fire itself is said to be completely shrouded by flames. We hear it looks like a tower of fire! Matt, the Keeper of Water, has been busy battling the flames all over the Isle with the help of IceDancer. After successfully defending his title, ArchMage Lem continues to assist in the battle to regain control, sending in the Celestial Dragon to offer aid. Rumor has it that Sarah is frustrated with the Keeper of the Air's lack of help despite calls for assistance and has issued challenge. This is NOT good news for RhyDin. How long until the elementals are able to cross through the portal and into RhyDin??? When are authorities going to decide that it's time to destroy the portal???

1.  It's that time of year! Election season! The primary begins today and run through Sunday. And, as usual, in RhyDin we have quite the collection of candidates. There's Ander who is the man behind the ConColor nightclub and who has been running some sort of very visible personal militia around the city. A little frightening, no? What's his campaign message "Vote for me or my secret police will arrest you in your sleep"? There's also Fio who has been making interesting choices when it comes to the men that she's been seen rubbing elbows with as of late and who has been rumored to have thrown in her lot suddenly with the Arena's band of miscreants, The Crew. There's Kruger who is evidently going around calling himself "The Anvil" which really just sounds like a bad nickname for his... well, little Kruger. We hear that Fiona is running but doesn't seem to want to bother with actively campaigning. And, finally, we've got Audrey who signs her campaign posters "with love" and really just seems to be interested in the sort of difference she could make in political fashion. Hahahaha. You got to love RhyDin, right? Anyway! Make your voice heard! Get out and vote!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need To Know To Stay In The Know

....And here is this week's run down! Remember: if there's something missing, it's YOUR fault for not sending it in. Do you civic duty and keep the juicy gossip coming in!

10. We now know where at least one of the Grangers has disappeared to! Robyn Granger it seems has been busy practicing for the new production of Jekyll and Hyde in which she plays Lucy. Want to see a bunch of RhyDin's finest including a toooon of Grangers? The play is opening Saturday night and we here that quite a lot of them are talking of going to support her!

9. Honestly, we really wish we didn't have to talk about this because that's how much it creeps us out. We talked it over at length here and decided that it was our duty to report the gossip... even if it sickens us. It seems that Ali and Kendall are now an item. Yep. Isn't that a telltale sign of a midlife crisis? Leave your wife and start shacking up with one of your daughter's friends who has got to be about half your age? That's it. We've lived up to our readers' expectation to keep them in the know. We will never speak of this again. It's just.... sad.

8. The cutest bartender in all the land, Amber, was overheard Tuesday night telling some patrons that she hasn't seen her new groom since the wedding reception! No lie! All their friends were so happy for them when Angus and Amber tied the knot but it seems that happiness didn't even make it home. Angus disappeared before the marriage was even consummated. Aw! We hear that Amber's pretty sad about the whole thing.

7.  Rumor has it that our current governor, Fio, and the infamous journalist, Fenner, were seen leaving a restaurant called Moreau's laaate Tuesday night together. If you've never been there think crazy prices, a discreet waitstaff, cigars, and bourbon. The perfect place for a clandestine affair... or a clandestine political meeting. Were not sure what is more likely -- Fio sleeping with that dirty bird or Fio getting into bed with him politically. Either one leaves us a little grossed out. We sure hope she washed with bleach afterward.

6. Speaking of the governorship, Fio's walk into reelection might not be as simple as some would think! Our sources caught Audrey and her wife, Magenta, discussing Audrey's upcoming campaign to become GOVERNOR OF RHYDIN! Ha! Love it! She certainly has that sort of flair that RhyDinians look for! The topic of conversation, though, when they were seen in the Inn wasn't about taxes, tariffs, or traffic... but of fashion, of course!!! We hear the pair of women spent quite some time discussing a First Lady uniform for Magenta and whether or not the City Hall employees should be required to wear costumes. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, ladies! We doubt it'll be a walk in the park to get elected! It never is in this city!

5. Amthy went all parental unit on some guy named David in the Inn Monday night! It was AWWWWESOME! It seems this David guy is dating Chryrie's teenage daughter, Trae, and those that adore Trae are a little worried about the new relationship. David is evidently quuuuite a bit older and divorced! We hear that Amthy quizzed him at length about his marriage, his hobbies, whether or not he's ever killed anyone, etc., etc. He seemed to pass Amthy's inspection but we've got a feeling that Chryrie is NOT going to be happy that her daughter is dating a much older man!

4. Wow. It seems Alain's been into trouble again. But who is surprised about that, right? Earlier in the week there was a BOLO (It's a Watch acronym for Be On the Look Out) issued for someone using his form and then there was a report that the imposter attacked his wife, Sofia, on the streets in WestEnd and killed a Watch officer before fleeing the scenes. Now the Watch is looking for Alain and asking the public for their help in finding him for "his own protection". Iiiiiinteresting!

3. It's baaaaack! Harris has returned from his ice fishing (wtf???) and the Ringside Rewind is back in action. People are so excited about this that we had several nominations for it to be one of Tx4YNTKTSITK and I already had it on the list! Nobody escapes the mockery cut so if you haven't seen this week's edition check it out. It's always good for a laugh! Or five! And we hear that some of the local gambling houses are taking odds again as to who will be the first to attempt to kill Harris for the column and whether the attempt will consist of a knifing, a strangulation, or some sort of blunt force trauma. Get your bets in before it's too late!

2. Speaking of things being baaaaack, it seems that there is another Crew hostile takeover about to take place in the Inn. This Crew Rebellion seems to be spurred on for the usual reasoning -- they're bored. And, as usual, this one seems to be spurred on by their head mouth piece and the eldest sibling, Maria. No word on exactly who all we'll see back in the rings but Ria and Myria have already been spotted and Kheldar really never went anywhere. Supposedly it's going to be a combination of old blood and new blood. The Arena could certainly use a good kick start of drama but the Crew has always had a pretty short attention span.... so we'll see!

1. We've always wondered what Harper ever saw in Jochin. I mean, really. He's loud, rough around the edges, and a little too.... caveman for an intelligent, professional woman like Harper. Well, it all came to a head Sunday night! We hear that Jochin was seen in the Inn drunk out of his mind! There were Rockette like kicks and a lot of bad singing. Harper showed up shortly after and tried to talk him down. We hear that the word 'rehab' was even thrown around a couple times. In the end, Jochin refused to go and SHE KICKED HIM OUT of their house. It seems like this is the end of Harper and Jochin. And despite the mismatch, we're a little sad about it!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Top Ten Things You Need to Know to Stay in the Know!

10. We're getting word that Kai is not dying anymore. We have to admit that we didn't know she was dying in the first place but if there are those of you with better sources than us and did know, rest assured, she is now better! She was overheard telling Thorn that there are now some differences to her. For one, her hair seems to be growing in a platinum blonde color. She's also been seeing hanging with some sort of odd little furball. It looks like someone took a fox, a cat, and a squirrel and mashed them all together. Iiinteresting!

9. An all ranks tournament was held this past Wednesday in Duel of Magic to find a new Keeper for the Tower of Fire! Some crazy little blue-skinned girl named Jesse was just on F-I-R-E! Oh, come off it. You know you love our puns. Jesse started off with a perfect 5-0 shutout in five rounds and then slammed through the rest of the competition not losing A SINGLE MATCH! Amazing. Congratulations, Jesse!

8. Saturday, May 19th, will mark the grand opening of the RhyDin Roller Haus! RhyDin's very own roller skating rink! The theme will be a disco party and will start at 9 PM. There will be door prizes, discounted drinks, and free food. We hear that out very own Cheyenne Daniels is working there and helping out with promotions..... and where there's one Daniels, you can usually count on a handful more!

7.  Anubis challenged Candy for the right to hold FireStar and the pair met up to duke it out in the Outback this past Tuesday! We hear that it was a pretty nasty match-up. Not that it's all that surprising considering the reputation Anubis has with women. However, we hear that there was a not so nice remark made by Jay about letting the pair of them kill each other, noting "Problem solved." We're not exactly sure what problem he's referring to, though. Strong words there! Buuuut the man did NOT reign supreme in this match. Candy took both duels in the best of three with scores of 5-2 and 5-4. And, thus, defended her title!

6. Governor Fio was seen heading into the Inn looking awfully chummy with RhyDin's shadiest journalist, Darien Fenner. With the doors closed on the RhyDin Post, one has to wonder what the pair of them have to be so chatty about. Our sources tell us that Alain was in the Inn at the time and did NOT look pleased. It seems like there are a lot of people who want Fio in their pocket and aren't very happy to see her getting chummy with the opposition. Rumor has it that there is a long-standing bit of tension between Fenner and DeMuer as neither trusts the other. We're left wondering. Are the men manipulating the governor or is she manipulating them???

5. I got to personally lay my eyes on this one! Caroline Granger is pregnant! There was no way to keep that baby bump on the d-l when she walked into the GAC meeting Monday night! She was looking adorable in a bright blue cowl neck top and black pants and when asked said she was due in October! Fan-freaking-tastic! The baby's father's name is Richmond (we hear they're engaged to marry -- he sure as hell better make an honest woman out of her!!!) and he is a DEAD RINGER for Edward Batten. In fact, if Ed and Richmond hadn't met (and complimented one another on how good looking the other was) we'd be POSITIVE that Caroline Granger got knocked up by Edward Batten. Now THAT would be some gossip. Edward is waaaay into the techie stuff. Maybe he's trying to spread his DNA into the Granger clan by cloning himself and then letting the clone loose on Carolina Granger. Talk about hostile takeover!

4. 101.1 WHAM and Reilly Recording paired up for a speed dating event. A couple of people seemed to find interested parties and we were introduced to a couple good looking RhyDin citizens! DJ Yas kept the party moving and is quickly becoming one of RhyDin's HOTTEST DJs. Her stock is definitely on the rise! There was a cute reunion between Jack and her air fleet beau, Hunter. There were hugs, kisses, and tears before the pair skirted off for some alooooone time! Kingsley grabbed the attention of Katan but we're still not entirely sure that Minoko doesn't have a thing for Katan. She certainly seems to like to push his buttons! We're interested to see where this Reilly Recording is going to head! We hope for good things to come!

3. G'nort is back on the market, ladies.... or is he??? Numerous sources (we're highly ticked he didn't give us the exclusive) are reporting that G'nort has filed for a divorce from his often absent wife, Kaja. This would be G'nort's THIRD failed marriage! Wowzers! Rumor has it that he's claiming that he is done with the whole marriage thing but that doesn't mean he's swearing off women. Considered one of RhyDin's premier playboys, he's already been seen hanging out in the company of a lovely beauty named Mercedes. Knowing G'nort, there will be plenty more where she came from. He can't be too terribly serious considering last week he had his dating profile submitted to WHAM's dating event! We here at the Den of Gossip are glad that G'nort's single again. Life in RhyDin is always a bit juicier when that man's on the prowl!

2. The May Government Advisory Council took place this past Monday with Governor Fio running the meeting. Yours Truly was present, of course, as one of the councilors. What sort of city do you live in that my opinion is one that people believes speaks for the people and should be consulted in regards to matters of state? Hahahaha! Oh, come on. I know you were all thinking the same thing! ANYWAY! There was some nonsense about a private volunteer naval guard failing to come together and the small business relief fund giving out some loan. Blahblahblah. Oh! But there was also talk of paaaaarties and you know that's what we love here in the Den of Gossip. Supposedly, the premier of 21Twelve's newest flick will be June 9th! We hear that after the meeting Fio and Ed had their heads together and he was seen slipping her some sort of device. Yet another rich and powerful man with the ear of the governor! Andu announced he was having a PJ party. Uh... is it just us or is this cute when Rekah suggests it and sort of sketchy when suggested by Andu. Yeah, we didn't think it was just us. Finally, we hear that after the meeting Tass was overheard saying that he was going to try to get Larook Helston to run for governor! No lie! This is the same Larook Helston who has his own line of sex toys! If he won, it would certainly be an interesting number of people with a Helston background to have held that spot!

1. The Gubernatorial election schedule has been announced! Rumor has it that Fio will be running for reelection and we hear that many of her council have already voiced that they will support her reelection campaign. We have to wonder if the same can be said for former governor and current councilor Matthew Simon??? Will Matt be trying to take back the mantle? Will Cor throw his hat into the ring... again? Will Kitty decide to have another go at it? Maybe Alain's political aspirations will finally put him on the opposite side of the ring from his good friend, Fio. This campaign is gearing up to have quite a bit of drama. We'll find out by May 27th as everyone must throw their hat into the ring by that date!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Being Marc Franco - Thursday the 17th

When we brought the blog back we promised new and EXCITING ways of delivering you gossip! So far, we've failed to deliver. :(

Buuuut we're implementing our first BRAND SPANKING NEW edition -- The Top Ten Things You Need To Know To Stay In The Know! Or Tx4YNTKTSITK. That's not difficult to remember, right???

This is going to be a weekly assignment to you OUR LOYAL READERS (and the Den of Gossip's collection of interns) to provide the facts that you think your fellow denizens NEED to know that happened in the previous week or that they can't miss in the coming week. It could be governmental in nature, it could be the juciest of gossip, it could be about a great bash! Submit them to us and we will publish the best every Friday!

Get cracking! You only have 24 hours!

((Please PM submissions to me, e-mail them to me at the address in my profile, or IM them to me at AIM SN: RhyDin Gossip!))

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

101.1 WHAM's Speed Dating Event!

How is this not a regular event in RhyDin already? Maybe because it's like the Inn on any given Saturday night? We LOVE it, though! What better is there for the gossip industry but to throw a bunch of singles into a room and let them go at one another! Must! Become! A! Monthly! Event! ....And guess who got their hands on the dating profiles??? HAHAHAHA!

Reilly Recording which had sponsored the event made sure the Great Hall was completely transformed into one hell of a dance club! Overnight it became the hottest place in town! There was a large dance floor with DJ Zazzy Yas in the booth but also plenty of booths, tables, and quiet nooks to get your romantic freak on!

The lovely Kingsley caught the attention of a guy very quickly! Not that we are surprised. His name is Katan and we, unfortunately, couldn't get our hands on his dating profile. Our sources say that he looked quite young, but was overheard saying he's twenty-seven! No, no, no. Kingsley is still not out of her teens and seems to attract the attention of men much too old for her! Case in point? This Katan guy talked her into drinking and she ended up stumbling her way out to get pizza with him. It's a match but... eh. I don't know about you all but we're hoping to hell that it doesn't stick.

Interestingly enough, although Katan seemed to be into Kingsley, one of our interns pointed out that on Kingsley's friend, Minoko's profile, there were some veeeeery flattering comments about Katan! We hear that they're "just friends" but if Minoko wants to get guys while talking up her friend... well, that's not how to go about it, dearie! She was seen watching Katan and Kingsley QUITE a bit but did get in a dance with... well, in his profile he calls himself an "anthropomorphic wolf". No idea. His name, though, is Haru and he did seem interested in Minoko. We're just not sure how interested she is in him.

Iona was around but didn't stay too long. Too bad. She is such a cutie and has been entirely unlucky in love lately! She always keeps her head up!

Another interesting woman spotted who our sources didn't see much of? Karen Reilly, the CEO of Reilly Recording! She is veeeery lovely albeit a bit on the serious looking side. We hear that she's quite married to her job and seeing Reilly Recording succeed so it might explain why she didn't have a lot of time to hang with the interesting men who showed up to the party her company was sponsering.

There was a cute chick named Jack working on the sound system for Yas who practically burst into tears upon spotting a certain man. We hear his name is Hunter and, considering his dress uniform, we're guessing he's in one air fleet or another. They CERTAINLY seem to have a history and there was no doubt that this was some sort of reunion. There were kisses and whispering and eventually the pair left together. Hand in hand. Too cute!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beltane Masquerade Ball - 1:08 am

The interns and I absolutely looove how Yeardley skirts the line between sexy and trashy so well. She always comes just within the realm of sexy but pushes it juuuust enough that we all know she's too naughty for most to handle! She's wearing a slinky purple number with a thigh high slit! Seriously! We were about to ask where Kalamere was buuuuut our sources are telling us he just showed up. Gooooood thinking.

Speaking of good thinking, Magenta showed up to get in a little quality time with the wifey. Who can blame her? Audrey's looking hoooot!

Wow, wow, wow. Who knew Thorn could clean up? It seems she's taking being on the Beltane court awfully seriously as well because she is looking STUNNING! We're not sure what's more fantastic -- her purple single sleeve column dress or the beautiful braid her hair was pulled back into. She definitely was a more subdued version of herself as she tried to be on her best behavior.

What??? Kalamere is an idiot! We hear that Yeardley left to head to his place but he's sticking around to hang out with.... JOEY??? OMG! Joey is T-R-O-U-B-L-E! We're still not sure what sort of game Kalamere is playing with those two women but we're pretty sure one of them is going to hurt him. Bad.

Beltane Masquerade Ball - 12:07 am

Well, looks like Colt and Ten are still together. Rumor has it that the relationship that started this past winter has been progressing along and that they met each others' families.... or, I guess, the part of the Daniels family that isn't in RhyDin. We're just shocked that there are still Daniels left wherever it is that they're from. Anyway, Tenacity looked hot. She always does but her dress miiiight just be the dress of the night. It's intricate with a formfitting upper half and the bottom flows perfectly. Just the right sort of dress for the night!

They were seen briefly chatting with one of Colt's cousins, Dylan. We refer to her around the office as the Pin-Up Daniels. Definitely different from the other girls with this very sexy vibe. She was seen with Drake who at one time had his sights set on another Daniels -- Summer. However, we hear that Summer just wasn't all that interested and he's been seen spending a lot of time with Dylan lately. Could he have switched Daniels girls??? Our sources are telling us that they're dancing at the moment!

Does Kate do anything that isn't over the top? We hear her dress is huuuuge! Gorgeous but totally over the top and totally Kate! She does look lovely and, of course, she's on the arm of Lucky! We still find this one oddball married couple. Opposites attract, right? Well, it's good to see them still together. We actually hope this marriage makes it through the long haul!