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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 8:54 pm

Adorable Rekah is present but without her hubby. We've heard news about some martial woes but considering the less than reliable source it's coming from we're not sure if it's at all believable. She's been surprisingly quiet but cute as a button as allllways!

It seems yours truly has a date! Or at least this interesting woman took my arm as I came in. We believe her name is Pharlen but know noooothing about her. She even kissed my cute little noggin! Instant favorite! Somebody Tweeter me details if you know any!

Aw! How adorb! Is that Bjorn holding hands with Ivanya??? Wasn't there some questions about his relationship status recently? Well, asked and answered! You know where to come for your gossip, don't you??? Bjorn also seems to be a bit on the restless and sweaty side. Iiiiinteresting! Some men juuuust can't take weddings!

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