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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monte Carlo Night - 11:40 pm

One of the questions we get asked frequently is whether or not Eregor has gotten sick of his goodie two shoes girlfriend, Rhiannon. The answer is an unfortunate no. In fact, they've been quite inseparable from what our sources have seen. There's been dancing and laughing and kisses. Soooorry, ladies! If it makes you feel any better her dress is so shiny he could probably see his face in it.

The Overlord's present and she's not looking quite as big of a wreck as she usually does. The tank top with the pirate skull is a little juvenile but the black motorcycle pants are pretty hot. She was present to call her shift and now is busy getting her duel on. Yeah, it goes without saying that she's not doing a whole lot of socializing.

While there was no repeat Duci/Riley showdown, we have spotted Riley and her good friend, Mataya, shed their heels and were going at it in one of the boxing rings.... wearing evening dresses. No worries, fashionistas! No high fashion gowns will be harmed tonight! Riley's sporting a pink nerf sword and Mataya's got a neon green nerf bat. Not exactly the classiest thing we've ever seen but it wasn't the hair pulling, dress ripping scene we were hoping for from Duci and Riley. No worries, though, still two more events this weekend!

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