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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gem and Eze's Wedding - 9:13 pm

Speaking of men in the crowd who looks restless, Colt Daniels is in attendance. His surprisingly long-term girlfriend, Tenacity, is the maid of honor. A vision! Absolute vision in blue. And she looks sober. Surprise, surprise! We do hear that she did spend a couple days recently in the hospital. We wonder if it was for 'exhaustion' **winkwinknudgenudge**.

Noooow they're married! The elven priest just announced it! How fantastic! This ceremony was almost as good as the one I officiated over (hopefully, the marriage will have more success than that one).

Haha!  Mesteno yelled for them to kiss and Eze didn't waste any time getting to it!

Not that I thought he might. After all, he is marrying a very pregnant woman. How deliciously scandalous of him!

Hm. Now we're being surrounded by blue-robed Elven acolytes handing out wine. Well, when the Elven acolytes show up you just KNOW it's time to get partying!

We'll see you tomorrow at the END OF SUMMER BEACH BASH! For now it's time to get our grooooove on!

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